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All years covered!

What you will learn

On completion, you will have gained the skills and knowledge to take a project from start to finish, utilizing all tools and drawing methods.

You will be taught how to create your own types of text, dimensions, layers, and blocks to use in your own working environment.

All tools will be explained in detail by their true definitions, illustrated with easy-to-follow images and put into practice with guided exercises.

Setting you up to work on your own as well as understand typical office standards.

At the end of the course is an extra section where you can request a video ex-plainer on any issues you are having.


Whether you are self-taught and want to fill in the gaps to become more efficient and productive, or you have never used the software before, this Autodesk AutoCAD course will give you a solid foundation to become a confident AutoCAD user and develop advanced skills.

This comprehensive course is the perfect start to your career in CAD design. This course will give you a competitive edge in your career, making you stand out from all other applicants and employees.

As one of the leading course providers and most renowned e-learning specialists, I am committed to providing you with the best educational experience possible. This course is designed by an industry expert to help you learn quickly and efficiently, at your own pace and convenience.

Course Aspects

I have been teaching this course in person and online since 2017 and have perfected the course material, teaching method, and explanations to ensure all the bases are covered and the student has a full understanding of the software.

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Your level of experience will develop as we progress through the course, rather than overloading you from the start with unnecessary information that you will not use.

We start with the basic features of each tool and then move on to the more advanced features as the course progresses, continually putting these newly acquired skills to practice with multiple exercises.

Course Topics

  1. Interface: Start Tab, Templates, Application Menu, Quick Access Toolbar, InfoCentre, Layout Tabs, Status Bar, Options, Mouse controls, Navigation, Object Selection,
  2. Drawing Tools: Line, Polyline, Circle, Rectangle, Polygon, Ellipse, Hatch, Gradient, Spline, Object Snap
  3. Drawing Methods: Absolute & Relative Coordinates, Orthomode, Grid & Snap, Polar Tracking
  4. Modification Tools: Move, Copy, Stretch, Rotate, Mirror, Scale, Trim, Extend, Fillet, Chamfer, Array, Erase, Explode, Offset, Align, Join,
  5. Annotation: Text, Dimension, Leader, create own styles
  6. Layers: Colour Manager, Linetype Manager, Lineweight Manager, Creation, properties, application, functions
  7. Blocks: Create, Edit, Insert, Design Centre
  8. Palettes: Properties, Blocks, Layers, Command-Line, Design Centre
  9. Layout: Viewports, Page Setups, Printing

I continually update this course to keep it up to date with the new releases as well as the addition of new videos and practice exercises.

I look forward to seeing you in class!




Course information
How to solve the practical questions in the course
Fundamentals of a Building

[SKIP IF NOT NECESSARY] Download and Install

System requirements
Setting up your Autodesk account
How to download and install the software

Touring the Interface

Course notes
Templates and file types
Recent documents, notifications, connect and learn
Application menu
Quick access toolbar
Info centre
Tabs, Ribbons and Panels
View controls
Navigation wheel
Cross-hair, Drawing Area, Layout Tabs
Command-line, Status Bar
Shortcuts and hotkey commands
Saving the Drawing file
Using the Mouse
Understanding the Drawing space capacity

Quiz 1

Quiz 1

Basic Operations

How to select and Object
Activating and deactivating tools
Object Snap-Endpoint, Midpoint
Object Snap-Centre, Geometric Centre, Node, Quadrant
Object Snap-Intersection, Extension, Insertion, Perpendicular
Object Snap-Tangent, Nearest, Apparent Intersection, Parallel
Erase, Deleting objects

Quiz 2

Quiz 2

Drawing Methods

Orthomode, Dynamic input
Practical 1 and solution
Absolute Coordinates
Practical 2.1
Practical 2.1 solution
Relative Coordinates
Selecting the primary coordinate
Practical 2.2
Practical 2.2 solution
Draw by Grid and Grid Snap
Practical 3
Practical 3 solution
Polar tracking basics
Polar tracking – Additional increments
Draw by Polar tracking
Object snap tracking
Practical 4
Practical 4 solution

Quiz 3

Quiz 3

Drawing and Modification commands Part 1

Explode command
Join command
Offset command
Trim command
Extend command
Practical 5
Practical 5 solution
Move command
Move by Displacement
Rotate command
Rotate copy command
Rotate by Reference command
Copy command
Mirror command
Practical 6
Practical 6 solution

Quiz 4

Quiz Resources
Quiz 4

Drawing and Modification commands Part 2

Circle command-Radius, Diameter
Circle command-2P, 3P
Circle command-TTR,TTT
Polygon command
Fillet command
Fillet command-Polyline
Fillet command-Trim
Fillet command-Multiple, Undo
Fillet command-Circle
Practical 7
Practical 7 solution
Polar array
Polar array-Items
Polar array-Rows, Properties
Polar array-Grips
Practical 8
Practical 8 solution

Quiz 5

Quiz 5

Practice Exercises Part 1

Practice exercise 1
Practice exercise 1 solution
Practice exercise 2
Practice exercise 2 solution
Practice exercise 3
Practice exercise 3 solution

Drawing and Modification commands Part 3

Rectangle command
Rectangular array command
Path array command
Spline command
Practical 9
Practical 9 solution
Chamfer command-By distance
Chamfer command-By angle
Practical 10
Practical 10 solution
Ellipse command
Practical 11
Practical 11 solution

Quiz 6

Quiz 6

Practice exercises Part 2

Practice exercise 4
Practice exercise 4 solution
Practice exercise 5
Practice exercise 5 solution
Practice exercise 6
Practice exercise 6 solution
Practice exercise 7
Practice exercise 7 solution
Resource for the next exam
Practical Exam

Drawing Organisation Part 1

Palettes and Properties Palette
Layer Properties-On, Freeze, Lock
Layer Properties-Plot, Colour
Layer Properties-Linetype, Lineweight
Layer Properties-Transparency, New VP Freeze, Description
Layer Properties-Layer0, New Layer, New Layer Frozen, Delete, Set Current
Practical 12
Practical 12 solution

Quiz 7

Quiz 7

Creating the House project

Creating our first project
Drawing the Grid System
Linetype Scale
Placing columns
Drawing external walls
Creating openings in the walls
Drawing internal walls
Drawing the fence
Quick Access Panel-Layer On Off, Isolate Unisolate, Freeze Thaw
Quick access Layer Panel-Layer lock, Unlock, Make Current, Match Layer
Drawing a window
Placing a window
Drawing a door
Polyline Context Menu
Hide, Isolate objects

Understanding Blocks

About Blocks
Creating a Block
Inserting a Block
Editing a Block
Stretch command
Editing a Block Continued
Align command
Creating a door Block
Design Centre practical
Design Centre practical solution

Quiz 8

Quiz 8

Hatching and Gradients

Hatching Boundaries-Pick points, Select
Hatching patterns
Hatch properties and Origin panel
Hatch options
Hatch island
Adding Hatch to the House project
Gradient practical
Gradient practical solution

Quiz 9

Quiz 9


Text Style manager
Creating a Text Style
Placing single-line text
Placing multi-line text
Practical-Placing text in the project
Practical-Placing text in the project solution
Dimension Style Manager and creating a Dimension style
Dimension types
Practical-Applying Dimensions to the project
Practical-Applying Dimensions to the project solution
Leader style manager
Placing a Leader

Quiz 10

Quiz 10

Preparing our project print

Layout-Paper Space
Page Setup Part 1
Page Setup Part 2
Creating a Viewport
Applying a scale to the viewport
Viewport lock and unlock
Viewport freeze
Printing the project

Final Exam

What is the Autodesk User / Associate exam?
Autodesk User / Associate Exam – Mock Exam