Master the Ability to Use Focus Words for Maximum Clarity when Speaking English.

What you will learn

Students will learn how to choose which word or words in a sentence to emphasize the most in order to communicate effectively.


What are focus words and how are they important for communicating?

Focus words are the words that you want your listeners to pay attention to. They are the most important words in your sentences. If you don’t have a focus word or you choose the wrong one, your listeners may have trouble understanding what you mean.

In this course, you will learn how to choose your focus words while speaking English. You will learn how to use your voice to draw attention to those words.

When you choose the right focus words and say them properly, you will sound natural and confident. People will understand what you mean to say.

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The way you use the tone of your voice while speaking English is just as important as the words themselves in communicating your message. People can easily misunderstand what you mean to say even if your word choice is correct. If you don’t have this incredibly important skill, you need to acquire it now.

Your listeners will be amazed at how natural and confident you sound. Your message and your meaning will be clear.

When you participate in a meeting, give a presentation, or chat with friends, you can be sure that what you mean to say is clearly understood. You can accomplish this with the proper use of focus words. Gain maximum clarity in communication when speaking English. Enroll today!




Tom Ate Three Burgers

How to Use Focus Words

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Mary Gave Kim Dog Biscuits Part 2
Mary Gave Kim Dog Biscuits Part 3
Word Stress
Practice Sentences Part 1
Practice Sentences Part 2
Content Words
Function Words
Find the Content and Function Words
How Do You Choose Focus Words?
Mike and Brenda’s Favorite Pizza
Making Corrections
Checking Information Part 1
Checking Information Part 2
Intro to Function Words as Focus Words
Conjunctions as Focus Words
Pronouns as Focus Words
“To Be” Verbs as Focus Words
Prepositions as Focus Words

Quiz, Practice, and Conclusion