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Learn how to make A STRONG whiteboard animation video using sparkol videoscribe combined with 4 additional programs.

What you will learn

You will be able to create an engaging whiteboard animation

You will learn how to use other programs with Videoscribe to increase your professionalism.

You will get a glimpse into using Inkscape, Camtasia, Illustrator, and Photoshop with Videoscribe

You will be able to create your own videos using custom images.


  • VideoScribe¬†is the most popular whiteboard animation software that gains the trust of many multinational companies such as MobilDelvac. You can create videos in which your clients can hear, see and interact with the video.
  • VideoScribe¬†gives you the ability to insert handwritten text, images (vectors and bitmap).
  • VideoScribe¬†allows you to build charts with different types and to carry out your analysis. You can also insert voice over describing your video with a beautiful background music.
  • It does not require any drawing skills to master VideoScribe.

In this course:

  • lectures for¬†InkScape¬†to use it with VideoScribe.
  • Package of¬†+150 hand fonts¬†that helps you to create professional videos.
  • Package of¬†websites¬†that provide free fonts, vectors and sounds to improve videos reality.
  • Discussing how to edit the exported videos using Camtasia.
  • Combination of VideoScribe and¬†Camtasia & Photoshop & Inkscape.
  • You can find more and more after you enroll to this course.


Advanced Techniques
Extracting ISO files
Inserting And Generating Gif Text & Images For Videoscribe Using Camtasia
Inserting And Generating Gif Text & Images For Videoscribe Using Photoshop
Gif Tips
Erase Effect And Drawing Over The Same Whiteboard Using Scribble Out
Behind Glass Effect
Moving Vehicles Trick
Fade Out Animation
Merging Two Scribe Together
Combine Multiple Animations At The Same Time Using Camtasia
Green Screen Effect
Inkscape Basic Introduction
Adobe Illustrator Basic Introduction
Inserting Text For Unsupported Languages & Fonts Pack
Morph Animation For Text
Adding Charts From Excel And Transforming Them Into Vectors
Modifying Videoscribe Vectors Using Inkscape And Adobe Illustrator
Converting other vector formats to SVG using illustrator
Keeping The Drawing Hand In The Screen
Export And Combine Multiple Images Into One Image
Making Multiple Images To Appear In The Same Time
Bitmaps Tracing Using Inkscape ( Tracing Command)
Bitmaps Tracing Using Inkscape (Pen Tool)
Bitmaps Tracing Using Illustrator (Tracing Command)