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Learn some of the less common IT troubleshooting techniques for Windows computers

What you will learn

How to resolve issues with Device Manager

How to resolve issues with Windows Update

How UAC works and some of the problems it can cause

User profile and uninstall fixes for the Windows Registry

Advanced network troubleshooting techniques


Over this course, you’ll learn some of the more advanced IT troubleshooting techniques, which will teach you how to solve some of the more difficult issues that can sometimes occur with Windows computers,

Topics covered are as follows:

Device Manager

Windows Update

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User Account Control (UAC)

Network Connectivity

Windows Registry

Whilst these techniques were tried and tested on Windows 10, they are relevant to any version of Windows currently supported by Microsoft, and should also be of use to anyone who is still on Windows XP as well.





Device Manager Common Issues

Device Manager Overview
Installing & Updating Drivers
Managing & Troubleshooting Devices

Windows Update Common Issues

Windows Update Overview
Resetting the SoftwareDistribution Folder

User Account Control (UAC) Common Issues

User Account Control (UAC) Overview
UAC Issues with Older Applications

Network Connectivity

Network Connectivity – DNS
Network Connectivity – IPv6
Network Connectivity – Netsh
Network Connectivity – Multiple Interfaces

Windows Registry

Windows Registry – Overview
Windows Registry – Profile Issues
Windows Registry – Uninstall Issues