Prepare/Scale your New Business by learning branding, website metrics, analysis, budgeting, site journey & more

What you will learn

Branding + Ideal Customers + Database + Influencers

Digital Marketing Analysis

Forecasting for your Small Business

Strategies to improve Website Performance and Sales

360 view of growing your brand

Forecasting Marketing Budget

Importance of PDP, Checkout and more


I created this course with the Intent to share all the knowledge i’ve gathered over the years by learning and hands on approach to create a brand

if you’re someone who has a product in mind or have already started a business but are not sure where to focus on or lack the knowledge entrepreneurs need, esp since they have to wear a lot of different hats (aka understand different elements in a business) then this course is perfect for you, you’re meant to be here 🙂

This course will shed light on a lot of topics and offers deep knowledge for

1. Anyone that needs a 360 learning on how to build a online business (once you have your product ready)

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2. Anyone that wants to scale post Instagram/Tiktok Success

It does not cover basics steps of creating a online business but rather focuses on growth, learning and building a solid foundation to prepare for success

We will cover topics such as Branding, who is your ideal customer? Site Journey? Why check out is important? Digital Marketing Metrics and Analysis, SEO, PPC definitions, how to scale your business and a LOT more

So Let’s get started, i’m excited to have you join!




Who is this Course Meant For?
What will you Learn
What will you NOT Learn in this course?


6 Core Elements of Your Brand
Target Audience/ Ideal Customer
Target Audience/Ideal Customer Worksheet
Identifying your ideal customer
Brand Touch Points
Personalization , UGC and More
How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market
Analyzing Shopify Websites

Database + Influencers + UGC

Leveraging your Database
UGC and Benefits

Forecasting and Excel Formulas

Left and Right Excel Formula + Count
Pivots and Graphs
Add to Cart and Add to Cart %
Stock Management Tips

Marketing, Budget and Key Terms

Margins and Markups
Gross Sales / Net Sales / Returns and Cancellations
2 R’s in Marketing
Marketing Budget 1
Marketing Budget 2
Marketing Key Terms to Analyze Campaigns


Must Have Features
App Speed
Importance of PDP
Checkout and USP

Relevant Learnings – DM, Merchandising, Care

Merchandising/Trading Strategies
Reasons to go Sustainable
FInal Advice