Helping suicide survivors heal, live with thier grief and moveforward in thier life

What You Will Learn

Series of emotions that were felt in this event

Mental health around suicide

What your body goes through during an event like this?

What would I say are the next steps to help the person who just went through this expirence

Dealing with the sorting of a suicide survivors stuff after thier loss


  • You have to had lost a cousin, sibling, parent to suicide at some point in your life
  • A survivor of suicide recently or in the past


This is the sections that are in Part 1 video. Please take a chance and grab a pen and pencil and follow along:

-How to deal with suicide

-What would I do to help some one who lost some one to suicide

-Mental health around suicide

-Importance of the suicide survivor

-How heavy the burden is for suicide survivor

-Daily coping for some one who lost their loved ones to suicide

-Important of nutrition and coping with the loss of suicide

-The feelings that were felt during this experience

-How to prevent a loved one from commit suicide

-Series of emotions that went through my body because of this event

-Mental health as a suicide survivor

-Searching for answers as a suicide survivor

-How I felt after my loved one took his own life

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-How did I feel about going through this event as a suicide survivor

-What you wish you could of seen before hand to prevent this

-What you wish you could of done differently

-What do you do for your mental health to cope with this event?

-Whats the easiest way to nourish your body

-How was It to go through your loved ones stuff

-Process of going through your loved ones things and the significance of it

There are sections in Part 2. Similar format to part one, but grab a pen and pencil. Press play and listen.

– Piece of advice on dealing with grief and some one going through this type of grief

– How do you program in their mind to stop what he did

– Methods used to get through grief

– What do I currently do now to cope with it

– How does a person grow from this experience

– How are you suppose to heal after this?

– Why I created this resource

– Experiences you go through after this experience

– The negative experience after this happening

– Closing remarks after being a suicide survivor

Who this course is for:

  • This is a guide to help those people who have recently, in the past or have dealt with loosing a friend or family member to suicide
  • I provide my expirence that I went through to bring comfort to the suicide survivor and help them cope through this event and continue moving forward in thier life
  • Suicide survivors seeking help to move forward with thier grief