Bring balance to your muscles, prevent injury and boost confidence with better posture

What You Will Learn

The risks of a poor posture to long term health

Library and guide of 10+ stretches and exercises to improve desk posture

Smart desk ergonomics setup in the workplace or home

A practical 30 day challenge action plan for fast improvements


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They say sitting is the new ‘smoking’ because it has been shown to statistically shorten your life. Not only does it lower life expectancy but it also lowers quality of life altogether. This course is a MUST for anyone who spends more than 4 hours per day at a desk on working days.

It is my mission with my 11 years of coaching experience to stop desk posture from being an issue for the mass amounts of people doing amazing work from their desk in this modern age. We need to fix this and look after our wellness so we can be the best and healthiest version of ourselves every day.

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Thankfully with a little understanding and some action each day it is completely possible to improve your posture, re balance your body and improve your health. You will get a stretching and exercise guideline along with a 4 week calender to help you make improvements fast.

You will also learn that desk posture is a component of your total body health and that if you work on improving posture alongside other actions like exercising, improving nutrition, elevating your social life and career fulfillment it leads to total health and happiness (and who doesn’t want that).

Improving posture is a way of levelling up your body and mind, it has endless benefits beyond what many think, including boosting confidence, immune system function and mental energy and focus for top performance. And if you work at a desk often this will improve almost every day of your working life!

The course is easy to digest and practical to implement. Get involved, invest in yourself and enjoy the benefits!

Who this course is for:

  • People who are working from home
  • Students spending long hours at their laptop
  • Anyone who spends more than 4 hours at a desk on working days