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Learn algebra basics; how to work with variables, perform fraction operations, perfect squares, cubes and roots.

What you will learn

Algebra Basics: What are variables, rules of fractions, perfect squares, cubes, roots

Addition, subtraction, multiplication & division of fractions with variables.

DitchYour Calculator! Speed up your own ability to calculate squares, cubes & roots

How roots work and occur in other parts of algebra….A

Variables Can Have A “Definite Answer”, More Than One Solution Or Infinite Answers

Learn how to understand and use “x” plus how it is just a “placeholder” for variables

Learn how to understand and use other variable placeholders like p, q, r, s and t (commonly time)

Apply different operations with fractions; multiplication, division, addition and subtraction


In this course you will get professional maths tutoring to help you be successful at Algebra. We cover the basics of algebra such as variables, fractions, operations, cubes, roots and squares. You will get practical, step by step explanations, practice examples and demonstration lessons. A solid introduction to algebra is so important for the rest of your maths journey so join us in this course as we help you achieve your goals.

This course is engaging, practical and takes you on a powerful journey that supports your journey as a student…………………….

Get the following when you enrol:

  • Engaging lessons that teach you key concepts and build up your confidence so you can apply what you’ve learnt
  • A wipeboard lesson that teaches you an overview of the course and your journey of transformation to achieve your goals
  • Practice questions for each concept so you can take action and apply what you have learnt and make sufficient progress
  • Downloadable worksheets that you can refer to and get the answers and explanations you need for future reference
  • Access to Kyle De Vos at any time through the messaging and assignments feature of the platform
  • Encouragement from other students who are focused on the same goal, just like you
  • Articles, resources and additional material to maximise your learning experience and ensure you achieve your goal

Enrol today and we look forward to seeing your success as a maths student!






Hello My Name Is Kyle, Welcome To This Course, I Am A Professional Maths Tutor

How This Course Works: Overview On A Whiteboard & Your Learning Journey

Go Ahead And Please Introduce Yourself To Everyone Else In This Course

Introduction To Algebra Basics: Variables, Fractions, Squares, Cubes & Roots

Algebra Basics: What Are Variables, Rules Of Fractions, Perfect Squares, Cubes,

Let’s Get Started On Algebra Basics With Professional Maths Tutor Kyle De Vos

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Learn The Basics Of Variables: How To Work With Them & What To Expect

Learn The Basic Rules Of Fractions And Related Concepts In Algebra

Examples Of Division Of Fractions; Learn By Practising

How Are You Doing? This Is Kyle Checking On Your Journey To Algebra Hero

Learn Squares, Cubes And Roots

Learn How To Quickly Recognise & Calculate Squares & Intro To Exponents

Learn Perfect Cubes; See Examples And Get An Intro To Exponent Notation

Learn About Roots; A Very Important Concept In Algebra

Learn Basic Algebra Operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication Division

Examples Of Addition & Subtraction Of Fractions; Learn Multiplication & Division

Examples Of Combination Operations Of Fractions; Eg Multiplication & Subtraction

Practice, Practice, Practice: Worksheets And Sample Worked Solutions

Overview Of The Worksheet Containing The Algebra Basics Practice Questions

Algebra Basics Questions 1-3 Solutions Shown

Algebra Basics Question 4 Solutions Shown

Quiz And Assignment

Assignment: Tell Us How You Did In The Practice Questions So We Can Help You

Algebra Basics


Bonus Lecture