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Attend this VMCE_V9 Veeam Certify Engineer (VMCE) Certification V9 Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam


Sample Questions:

In how case should you change the configuration of the preferred network?

If you want to limit the maximum traffic performance from the source to destination data migration services

When you need to maintain the availability of storage products, load under backup tasks

When the capacity of the network is not enough to support multiple data connections

When backup traffic should be routed to a specific network


When the encryption (software layer) is used for the tape?

If the original backup file is not encrypted

If the safety option of the tape selected by the user

If the encryption is disabled for the hardware device, or a tape level is not supported

By default, all jobs on tape


If the deduplication configuration changes to an existing job, when will the new configuration apply?

Only when a new active full backup was created.

The next task begins.

Only when you ruff the repository in which to store the backup files.

Only when any type of full backup is created.


When you add Windows Server to Veeam Backup & Replication Server using the Add Functions Wizard, what components are always installed on the server?

Veeam service installer

Veeam Service Data Move

Veeam Backup API API API

Veeam Backup Shell

Which of the following is required for parallel processing to the tape?

The origin repository for the tape is on the backrest storage scale.

The tape library has several discs.

Two work tapes are processes at the same time.

The disc has some tapes.


Which of the following types of objects can be added to the Add Objects to create a backup job?

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Virtual machines grouped by VAPPU.

Virtual machines grouped by vswitch

Virtual machines grouped by file Share SMB3

Virtual machines grouped by vSphere Tag

Virtual machines are grouped into folders.

Which of the following options better describes the VMware Pokey tools?

Optimization of the size of the VM data files of backup

Freezing VM, but not specific to the application will be carried out

Creation of an index for the guest operating system, the virtual machine during the backup.

Truncation Request Records in Successful Backup


When the Veeam Backup Manager can choose to use Veeam Management Pack instead of VEEAM ONE to monitor and inform?

If Labtech installed infrastructure

If the Microsoft System Center Operations Manager is installed in the infrastructure

If the infrastructure includes Microsoft Hyper-V hosts

If there are more than 6 sockets they must be protected.


What roles can permissions be assigned in Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager to delegate responsibility?

Restoration operator


Portal administrator

Advanced user

User portal

What prerequisites are necessary to complete the restoration of the configuration on the backup server V9.5 of Backup V9.5?

Installed Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager

All backups and replication of Veeam workplaces stopped.

All servers added to the Backup Infrastructure and Replication of Veeam online

None of the works is not oriented in the repository where the backup configuration

The backup setting was created using version 8.0 update 3 or higher