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MBA in Programming and Trending Technologies: Part 9 course focussed on Virtual Personal Assistant Development

What you will learn

Insights on Virtual Personal Assistants

Types of Virtual Assistants, use cases and advantages of using them

Benefits of using futuristic VR virtual offices, spaces and virtual lands for work and communication

Examples of Virtual Assistants

Practical Artificial Intelligence (AI) Advisor Tool and showcase of Virtual Humans

Tasks that a typical Virtual Assistant will do for you.

Creation of a website with Artificial Intelligence Tool and making a chatbot assistant for the same


These days chatbots are the talk of the town. In Facebook Messenger, you’ll see them in abundance. What may be the reason behind this unexpected surge in chatbots? How did they become so popular? What are the benefits of using them? These are real questions to ponder about.

Chatbots strive to assist and scale company teams in their customer relationships. Doing that lets companies save a lot of time, which is why this approach is being embraced by top business owners. Also, provided that such bots can be put in locations such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, SMS, or your own website, the typical digital marketer has the ability to reach a wider audience. These chatbots that we are talking about are in fact – virtual personal assistants in other words.

Chatbots may seem like a revolutionary idea, but according to figures from the Global Web Index, 75 percent of internet users follow one or more messaging systems. Although data tells us that every person uses an average of 24 apps a month, 80 percent of the time in just 5 applications. This means you can hardly fire ahead of an app, but with one of these channels, you do have strong odds of combining your chatbot.

What does this new course hold for you?

This incredible course which is the ninth course as part of the super-series “MBA in Programming and Trending Technologies” will teach you about these virtual assistants, their use cases, developing virtual assistants from a practical perspective, and provide quick hints on futuristic virtual offices. What’s more? You will learn about an amazing web-design tool to create websites in minutes. You will also learn to create chatbots using a cloud-based chat-bot making tool.

Enroll now and let’s start booming.

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Learn about virtual assistants and make one using Artificial Intelligence tools that has the ability to change the planet.

There is no time to waste.

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Get ready for another mind-blowing course by Digital Marketing Legend “Srinidhi Ranganathan” and Civil MasterMind “Saranya Srinidhi”.



Virtual Personal Assistant Development – The Course
Introduction to the course on Virtual Assistant Development
Virtual offices and workspaces of the future
Why we need virtual assistants for our daily use?
How a typical virtual assistant model would work?
Examples of Virtual Assistants
Meet Artificial Intelligence Advisors for data intelligence and virtual humans
Tasks that a typical Virtual Assistant will do for you.
An intelligence virtual assistant that acts as your personal secretary
Experimenting with virtual assistants and the types of Virtual Assistants
Create a website with artificial intelligence and virtual assistant chatbot