Transform your life with music and violin with this online Violin Course

What you will learn

How to play violin from scratch

How to tune a violin

How to read music

To play songs

To play rhythms


This is a Violin Course made for everybody that has always wanted to play the violin or enjoys it so much

It is so important to know your instrument and creat a conection with it, that’s why i’m also teaching you the parts of your violin, bow and some accesories that could be helpfull during this musical journey

If you learn how to work with rhythms and sheet music, you will definitely know how to play any song you want, that’s why our beginning is to learn rhythms and to read a sheet music,  i also teach you during this course many famous songs like happy birthday wich is perfect for playing in a friend’s birthday, Imagine by John Lennon and other more

Playing violin boost memory, wich is going to be so helpful on your development at school or work

It also helps with social skills, reading skills, lenguage procesisng and attention span

That’s why this course was made for you

Playing the violin is a very rewarding experience and like many violinists say, you could not have chosen a more expressive, sublime, and fun instrument to play other than the violin.

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Or maybe, you played the violin before and is returning now to continue violin playing.

Let’s start this musical dream together




Let’s begin


Violin, Bow and Accesories

Parts of the violin quiz

Tuning and preparing the bow

Violin posture and bow holding

Let’s play open strings

5- Let’s read and play

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Shaping letf hand

Violin fingering

Shaping left hand on D string

Shaping left hand on A string

Let’s play D major scale

Twinkle twinkle little star



Let’s play eight notes

Practice session with rhythms

Half notes

Rhythms review



Fourth finger

Happy Birthday song

Jingle Bells

Ode to Joy

Amazing Grace

Additional Section

How to replace a string

Imagine by John Lennon

Quick violin tip