If you’re still using the IDE that VEX Robotics abandoned – This is for you.

What you will learn

Get to know the VEX EDR V5 system and VEX Coding Studio. We’ll use VEX C++ in this course.

Update the robot brain firmware.

Learn to use VEX coding Studio.

Write programs for the robot brain screen.



This is the first of a series of short courses, with short and to the point lessons about VEX Robotics’ EDR V5 hardware and the VEX Coding Studio Software.


/ Please note that VEX Robotics discontinued the VEX Coding studio software.                       /

/ If you’re still using VCS, this set of courses is some of the only resources still available.      /

/ Seeing that C++ is used in the lessons, the examples could also be used for VEXcode Pro. /


In this course, we get to know the components of the new system and begin to explore VEX Coding Studio. I point out and provide links to all the important steps to get your V5 system ready for action and also get VEX Coding Studio installed on your computer. (If you are all set up and using your V5 already, you should probably skip to the VEX EDR V5 – VCS C++ Programs for Motors course.)






Part 1 – VEX EDR History

The Previous Versions of VEX Hardware and Software

Part 1 – Meet the VEX EDR V5 System Components

Meet the new System

The V5 – Brain

The V5 – Wireless Remote Controller

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The V5 – Battery and Radio

The V5 – Motors

The V5 – Vision Sensor

V5 – Build a Robot

Part 1 – Transitioning from Robot C to VEX Coding Studio

Resources for transitioning from Robot C to VCS

Part 1 – VEX Coding Studio

Download and install VCS

Update the System Firmware

VCS Layout

VCS C++ Programming Basics

VCS Quiz

Our First Program

Display Text on the Brain Screen

Draw Shapes on the Screen

First Program Quiz

Bonus Section

Bonus Lecture

VEXcode Update