Learn to write programs that make use of your sensors – This is what make robots really smart. ***有中文字幕***

What you will learn

Use VEX Coding Studio and C++ to create programs that read sensors on your robot.

Program for the Ultrasonic Distance Sensor.

Program for the Infrared Line trackers.

Program for the Gyro Sensor.

Program for the Vision Sensor.



/ Please note that VEX Robotics discontinued the VEX Coding studio software.                       /

/ If you’re still using VCS, this set of courses is some of the only resources still available.      /

/ Seeing that C++ is used in the lessons, the examples could also be used for VEXcode Pro. /


Last course in the series about the VEX EDR V5 and Vex Coding Studio C++. In this course we’ll make use of sensors that enable your VEX EDR V5 robot to react to its environment. Learn how to write programs for the sensors, using VEX Coding Studio and C++. This Code will also be compatible with the new VEXcode programming suite VEX is developing.

  1. We’ll use the Ultrasonic distance sensor to measure distance and make the robot react to obstacles.
  2. Use the Infrared line trackers to follow lines or stop on marks/lines on the floor.
  3. Use the Gyro to make precise, measured turns.
  4. Use the Vision Sensor to track colored objects.






Sensors – Robot Configuration

The Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Variables & Thresholds

Distance on Screen

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Stop at _____

The Infrared Line Sensor

Stop on Black

Follow Line

The Gyro Sensor

Gyro Value on Screen

Turn with Gyro

The Vision Sensor

Vision Sensor Values on Screen

Vision Drive Explained

Vision Drive with If/Else

Vision Drive with Arcade Control

Vision Sensor Video

Thank You

Bonus Lecture

VEXcode Update