Write useful code for the wireless remote controller using VEX C++ ***有中文字幕***

What you will learn

Use VEX Coding Studio & VEX C++ to write programs for your controller.

Program buttons to do tasks for you.

Program behavior that assists the driver (Even during the “driver” period in competitions).

Programming the remote for use in competitions.



/ Please note that VEX Robotics discontinued the VEX Coding studio software.                       /

/ If you’re still using VCS, this set of courses is some of the only resources still available.      /

/ Seeing that C++ is used in the lessons, the examples could also be used for VEXcode Pro. /


This is the 3rd course in the series about the VEX EDR V5 and VEX Coding Studio C++. In this course we’ll write code to operate your VEX EDR V5 robot with the wireless controller. Learn how to write programs, using VEX Coding Studio and C++. This Code will also be compatible with the new VEXcode programming suite VEX is developing.

  1. We’ll write standard and adapted drive programs for Tank and Arcade control.
  2. Program buttons for Arm and Claw movement.
  3. Add limits to the arm and claw movements.
  4. Learn to program using the competition template.
  5. Discuss the Field Control System and how to ensure that your robot is compliant.
  6. Discuss the the different times during a match (Pre Autonomous, Autonomous and the Driver Control period) and how this should be included in your programming.







Pairing the Controller with the Brain

Setup the Controller

The While Loop

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Tank Control

Arcade Control

Arm and Claw

If / Else if / Else

Arm and Claw

Boole and Logic Operators – Assisting the Driver

Section Project


The Competition Template

Pre Autonomous


User Control

Practice and Competitions

Bonus Section

Bonus Lecture

VEXcode Update