A step-by-step system of investing

What you will learn

A proven step by step method of investing in the stock market

Screen for stocks using selective growth criteria

Analyse company financial information and business models with the help of the included value growth investing spreadsheet

Learn how to monitor investments and determine the right time to sell


The Value Growth Investing Academy is a free course and membership site for investors who are serious about gaining control of their financial future.

The course explains in detail a step-by-step method of screening for stocks and analysing their financial data in a custom spreadsheet that makes the whole process quick and easy.

You will learn the exact criteria that are needed to screen for stocks online using free tools and you will be given access to a spreadsheet that analyses the financial data for you, whilst still giving you full control.

We will go into detail about the reasons for our screening criteria and the growth and value metrics that are important when considering value growth companies. You won’t be blinded with mathematics and formulae but you will have an understanding of the methods used so that you can tailor them to your own needs and opinions, if necessary.

At the end of the course you will have a working system that allows you to analyse stocks and make purchases in the stock market with confidence and you will have the tools and techniques that will allow you to grow as an investor into the future.

You will also gain access to our private Facebook group so that you can keep up to date with news from the Value Growth Investing Academy and exchange views and ideas with fellow investors.

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Module 1: Value growth investing

Introduction to value and growth

What is growth?

What is value?

Growth and value

Module 2: Screening for stocks

Screening for stocks introduction

Screening stocks

Removing stocks

Organising stocks

Module 3: Financial analysis

3 Financial analysis introduction

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VGI spreadsheet overview

VGI spreadsheet function

VGI spreadsheet analysis

Organising research potentials

Module 4: Business analysis

Business analysis introduction

Sources of information

Desirable businesses

Durable competitive advantage

Good management

Module 5: Buying stocks

Buying stocks introduction

Choosing a stockbroker

Capital allocation


Placing trades

Module 6: Monitoring your stocks

Monitoring your stocks introduction

Portfolio management

Monitoring stocks

Selling stocks