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Allow Players to Sign in, track their scores and build a leaderboard for players around the world with an SQL database!

What you will learn



Server Scripting

Unity Web Requests

Unity Databasing

Unity Player Management

Unity Leadboards

Unity Sign In Users


Take your games to the next level with this course!! Connect your Unity project with a backend database! There is so much that you can do with the information that you will learn from this course. You can track players scores, allow users to sign in and sign out, build a leaderboard of players and connect them from around the world!

Topic Covered:

  • Unity
  • Unity Networking / Webrequests
  • Unity Database
  • Unity Player Management
  • SQL Database
  • Unity UI Work
  • Unity Leaderboards
  • PHP Scripting Basics
  • LAMP Cloud Server Set Up
  • Database Security
  • Password Security
  • Working with JSON

So come along for the ride and take your Unity projects to a whole new level!!!

–Austin Patkos (eJPT, CCP, SAA, BCCe) has taught over 7,000 students on Udemy. He is passionate not only about tech but about teaching tech too. Knowing that remembering information isn’t enough, you have to have a deeper understanding to be able to retain all of the information. He teaches in a manner that is sure to help you develop your skills and take you to the next level as a developer. He teaches a careful balance of giving enough information but also taking time to practice it too. Austin has developed these courses to teach people just like how to become better developers.





Introduction and About this Course

Meet Your Instructor / My Teaching Methodolgy

Is this Course Right for You? More Course Details

Course Overview, Sections and ‘Flow’ of each section.

Quick Note About Video Speed

SQL Database Basics

Overview of SQL

Installing MAMP

phpMyAdmin Overview/ Database and Table Set Up

Changing Table Structure If Needed

Inserting Information Into Our Table

Reading/Selecting Information from Our Table

Updating Information In Our Table

Deleting Information From Our Table

PHP Scripting Basics

Overview of PHP + Visual Studio Code Installation

Echo Statements and Variables with PHP

If Statements with PHP

Getting Info Back From Our Database with PHP

Unity Web Requests / Unity Networking Basics

Basic Unity Networking Get Requests

Basic Unity Post Requests

Unity CRUDs / User Management

Basic Project set up + Create User Part 1 (UI Element Set Up)

Create User Part 2 (Front End Scripting Work)

Create User Part 3 (Networking Requests)

Create user Part 4 (Server Side Scripting)

Create Player Part 5 (Server Error Handling)

Create Player Part 6(Basic Sanitization and Filtering of User Input)

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Create Player Part 7 (App Security with Connecting To Our Server (App Password))

Create Player Part 8 (Hashing User Passwords)

Login Player Part 1 (UI Set Up)

Login Player Part 2 (UI Scripting)

Login Player Part 3 (Player Prefab + Current Player Script)

Login Player Part 4 (Network Requests Set Up)

Login Player Part 5 (Server Script)

Login Player Part 6 (Handling Server Response Codes)

Login Player Part 7 (Assigning Player Info in Scene)

Login Player Part 8 (Signing Out Player)

Assigning Player Info In Scene

Updating Player Score Part 1 (Front End Scripting)

Updating Player Score Part 2 (Server Scripting)

Update Player Result Error Talk

Unity Leaderboard

Leaderboard UI Set Up Part 1

Leaderboard UI Set Up Explanation

Leaderboard UI Set Up Part 2 (Prefab Set Up)

Leaderboard Front End Scripting

Leaderboard Server Scripting

SimpleJSON Script

Using Simple JSON

Sorting Players By High Score

Giving Players Rankings In Our Leaderboards

Search Function Part 1

Search Function Part 2

Search Function Part 3

Search Function Part 4

Testing our App!

Cloud Deployment ** BONUS **

Intro to Cloud Deployment

Launching EC2 Server

Configuring our Server with a LAMP stack + phpMyAdmin

Setting Up Our Table in Database

File Transfer to Server with WinSCP

Script Fixing for server.

Setting Up SSL with our Cloud Server

Fixing Unity Scripts to send information to our cloud server

Final Testing For our App and Cloud Database/Server!

Conclusion + Bonus!

Project ZIP For Reference

Conclusion + Where to go from here