Learn Databasing for your Unity Project and Build a Leader Board a the same time!

What you will learn

How to Build a Unity Leader board for their app/game





Gather Info about your Unity Game/Project


Have you ever wanted to learn how to connect users of your game or app together?

Maybe your not ready to do a full multiplayer game just yet but you want to link players together. In this course we’re going to build an Unity project that allows players from all around the world to submit their highscores and see who the best is.

Topics Covered:




Scan Vs Query

Creating a Item

Updating Item

Pulling info back down from your Database.

GSI(Global Secondary Indexes)

Android Bug Fixes

And much more!




Intro Section

Introduction and About this Course

Is this Course Right for You?

Quick Tip Video Speed

Why AWS?

Duolingo Case Study with DynamoDB and AWS

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Why DynamoDB?

Overall Project Flow and Understanding


Making an AWS Account + Basics

Setting Up an Identity Pool in AWS

SDK Download

Unity Identity Pool Set Up

Cognito Wrap Up + Explanation

Cogntio Zip

Putting Data to Table

ID Explanation

Setting Up Table on DynamoDB

Putting Info on Table in Database

User Input To Table on Database

Put Item ZIP Folder

Updating Info on Table

Updating Info Part 1

Updating Info Part 2

Updating Info Part 3

Updating Info ZIP File

Pulling Info From Table

UI Set Up

Console GSI Set Up

Querying Methods and Set Up in Unity Project

Querying Project Zip Folder

Conclusion and Bug Fixes

Android ZIP Fix

Android Fix

Billing + Conclusion