With Practical Solutions For Real Life

What you will learn

The 5 hurdles that are stopping them from being productive.

Applying practical solutions to tackle these hurdles.

Some productivity tools and resources.

How I tackled all these 5 hurdles.


Hey guys, this is Harsh Rajesh. I am medical school student and I have talked about what I learnt about productivity in my journey to get here. I’ve made this course on productivity, the things that stop us from being productive and how we can actually deal with the challenges. So basically this is a productivity masterclass and I have covered almost everything that you need to know in order to be productive.  Level of productivity is something that can really decide if you are going to achieve your goals or not. I have learnt a lot about productivity and I have achieved the results that I wanted to, by applying these productivity principles. I have seen such a personal development with this approach that it has really maximised the outputs that I get and boosted and made me confident. I have shared 5 key challenges in form of hurdles that are stopping you from being productive. I have taken a real life based problem solving approach while providing practical solutions so that you can also apply these solutions in order to attain productivity. I have also shared some productivity apps and tools and resources to supplement your productivity journey. This is a very suitable course for students and life long learners. I have addressed all the 5 major hurdles that are pulling you down namely Lack of motivation, procrastination, Inconsistency, distractions and pressure to perform. Hope that you like this course.






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Lack of Motivation




Pressure to Perform

Tools and Resources

My Personal Journey