To Learn the Basic Fundamental of English Grammar: Elementary Course

What you will learn

Will learn English Grammar in this course.

Will learn to use Noun and its types along with their rules.

To know the meaning and types of Pronouns.

Use of grammar basics through examples.

To learn the meaning of Adjective and its examples

To learn the use of order of adjectives

To learn the concept of Determiner and its type


Grammar has great importance in any language for everyone. This English Grammar Basic Fundamentals course will be of interest to students who want to learn Basic English Grammar skills well, so we all welcome learners to this course.

In this course, you will be introduced to some correct topics of English grammar such as nouns, pronouns, adjectives, etc. By understanding these definitions types, and examples, you will be introduced to the rules of how to use them. After learning the basics mentioned in this course, you will find that English grammar is very easy.




To Learn the Basic Fundamental of English Grammar: Elementary course

Overview of this course


1. Nouns : Introduction

1.1 Common Nouns

1.2 Proper Nouns

1.3 Singular Nouns

1.4 Plural Nouns

1.5 Collective Nouns

1.6 Masculine and Feminine Nouns

1.7: Concrete Nouns

1.8: Countable & Uncountable Nouns

1.9: Material Nouns


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2. Pronouns (Introduction)

2.1 Personal Pronouns

2.2: Reflective Pronouns

2.3: Interrogative Pronouns

2.4. Demonstrative Pronouns

2.5 Indefinite Pronouns

2.6 Reciprocal Pronouns

2.7: Relative Pronouns

2.8: Possessive Pronouns


3. Introduction : About Adjective

3.1 Ending of Adjective

3.2: Types of Adjective

3.3 Comparison of Adjective


4: Introduction

4.1: The Article

4.2 Demonstrative Determiners

4.3 Interrogative Determiners

4.4 Possessive Determiner

End Summary