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Therapy Prep 4 Kids-Families getting a head start on therapy
Everything you need to know about managing strong emotions, solving problems, and so much more!

What you will learn

Child will learn and practice creating and utilizing positive affirmations

Child will learn, with parent support, to identify feelings for better self-expression and feelings vocabulary will be increased

Parent and child will learn together. The child will learn to identify strengths to help with motivators to reach social emotional goals and increase confidence

Child will learn to replace negative self-talk and identify triggers toward communicating more effectively and being able to resolve conflicts

Child and parent will learn self-expression through journaling and art

Child, with parent, will create a special cool-down space in their home, so they can apply the emotional regulation skills they’ve learned


Unlock Your Child’s Full Potential with Our Unique Therapy Prep and Coping Skills Course!

Is your child in need of essential coping skills, positive self-talk, and emotional expression techniques? Look no further! Our comprehensive course is tailored to meet the needs of children aged 7 to 12, helping them unleash their true potential and navigate life’s challenges with confidence.

In just under an hour per week, parents and children embark on an enlightening journey together, exploring evidence-based strategies rooted in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Brain Science research. Whether your child faces difficulties in managing emotions, dealing with stress, or communicating feelings, our course equips them with indispensable tools for a lifetime of success.

Through captivating videos, interactive PDFs, and extended activities, your child will not only learn but also enjoy the process.

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By completing the course, they’ll earn a well-deserved certificate showcasing their mastery of critical foundational skills—skills that usually take months of therapy to acquire.

What sets us apart? Lifetime Access. You and your child can revisit the course material whenever needed, reinforcing their learning and growth. Our course is a one-of-a-kind gem, unavailable anywhere else. Don’t miss this opportunity to empower your child with skills that foster resilience and well-being.

Imagine the positive changes awaiting your child and family! Those who fully engage, tackle extended activities, and apply the acquired skills might even find themselves not needing therapy at all.

Invest in your child’s future today! Join us on this transformative journey and witness the remarkable impact our Coping Skills Course can make. Embrace the chance to bring lasting positive change to your child’s life. Enroll now and embark on a path to a brighter future, together.



Module 1 – Introduction

Course Promo
Rewards chart

Module 2 – Discovering your strengths, likes and motivators

Would You Rather
Would You Rather Checklist?
Personal Strengths
A-Z Strengths
Finding Your Avatars
Avatars (Reading)
Strengths Quiz Worksheet

Module 3 – Building Your Feelings Vocabulary

Expand Feelings Vocab
Feelings Quiz Worksheet

Module 4 – Creating Positive Affirmations

Affirmations Video lecture
Affirmations Exercise

Module 5 – Catching & Replacing Negative Self-Talk

Self Talk
Positive Self-Talk (Exercise)
Self-Talk Quiz Worksheet

Modules 6 – Identifying Your Triggers

Triggers Pt 2
Triggers Worksheet
Triggers Quiz Worksheet

Module 7 – Conflict Resolution and using “I” Statements

Resolving Conflicts
Conflict Resolution
Conflict Resolution Poster

Module 8 – Coping Skills for managing Big emotions like anger and anxiety

Coping skills
Build Coping Skills
Calm Strategies Poster
Calm Down Steps Poster
Calm Down Steps.pdf
Calm Down Steps
Coping Skills (Reading)
Coping Skill Quiz

Module 9 – Developing a special Cool-Down Space in your home

Calming Space Items
Sensory Items
Cool Down Space Quiz Worksheet

Module 10 – Journaling strategies for self-expression

Make it Fun create good things
Journaling Prompt Ideas
Kids Daily Journal
Journaling Quiz

MODULE 11 Wrap-Up

Certificate of completion