Make your result-oriented Job Search Plan & land your dream job!

What you will learn

Understand the various elements in a Job Search & how to manage them

Learn from experts the secret Job Search Tips to help get more interviews

Be able to analyse the job market & target the right companies & roles

Be able to evaluate job opportunities to their own skills & select the most appropriate ones

Create their own High Impact Result Oriented Job Search Plan

Get Job Search resources – books, blogs, webinar access & To-Do lists, Checklists. Everything you will ever need for your Job Search.


Don’t you wish that there was someplace where everything you need for your job search is available to you? Well, that wish is now answered. The Ultimate Job Search Course is the answer to your wish.

Boost your Job Search with this course. Created by the best and brightest minds in the Talent Acquisition & Human Resources industry! This course leverages the combined experience of experts of over 150 plus years. These experts have come together to give you useful tips & help you develop the most comprehensive job search plan ever!

The Course is the best do-it-yourself course which includes 17 Video Lectures, 8 Blogs, 10 Ready To Use Templates, 5 Job Search Guide Books, Free access to 5 Webinars on How To Get More Interview Calls & also offers free 6 months access to the JobBoosts platform where you can build your own  Resume & Cover Note using the Resume & Cover Note Tools.

It also shares links to Job Search courses developed by JobBoosts Coaches. It also is filled with tips, job searching secrets & advice on things you can do to attract recruiters & hiring managers & get your dream job!

When you do this course:

1. You will learn the Job Search Plan framework which will help you develop a clear plan on how you will find your next job.

2. You will have a clear assessment of what your strengths are as an individual & what you bring to the table when you go for a job interview.

3. You will be able to identify the right opportunities in the job market best suited to your skills.

4. You will clearly understand the job search journey & be able to set and achieve your job search goals clearly.

5. You would have a clear sense of purpose for yourself & be more prepared for the job search journey.

6. You will have an actionable Job Search Strategy that is customized to your specific needs.




Introduction to the Job Boosts SOAR Methodology

The SOAR Methodology – EXPLAINED

SOAR Methodology – Visualize Your Story – Defining YOUR job search goals.

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Identifying Your Strengths & Key Skills

Creating Your “Elevator Pitch”

Learning To Make A Great Job Application & Impressing Recruiters!

Evaluating your online presence to align it to your career aspirations

Identify the “Right Opportunities” – Setting yourself up for Job Search Success

Decode How Recruitment Works In Companies

Discover the Hidden job market & learn how you can to tap into it

Create Your High Value Job Search Target List

Discover How To Use Technology To Power Your Job Search

Amplifying your “Aspirations” – Assisting YOU to amplify & connect.

Learn to “Network” even if you hate networking.

How to Follow Up with Connections During A Job Search

How To Revitalize Your Job Search

Achieve the Desired Results

The Must Have Essential Interview Skills You Can Develop

Steps You Must Take To Have A Successful Interview

How To Stay Motivated in your Job Search

The Wrap Up & The Job Boosts Offer

The Wrap Up & The JobBoosts Offer