Free your time and build a business that will grow the long run. Use Virtual Assistants for daily tasks.

What you will learn

How to outsource tasks to virtual assistants

How to manage a virtual assistant

How to free up your time in order to focus on more important tasks in the business

Which platforms to use to best find your virtual assistants

How to build a team of virtual assistants

How you will be able to automate your business and reach maximum potential



This course will get you started with virtual assistance and how to work with different VA’s. This course is a mixture of both, theory and practical. You will begin by following my theory and then, you will watch my practice and how I hire VA’s for my tasks.

You will learn how to use different freelancing platforms and I will show you EXACTLY how to post a job (with description template that you can copy), how to filter applicants, how to offer a contract and what service to use to get the contract signed etc.

With everything going digital, you should be able to hire people from anywhere in the world (just ensure communication is good, VA have a laptop or computer access and a good internet connection).

About Your Instructor:

When looking for a personal development, lifestyle, marketing, or business expert experience matters. I have been in the importing and exporting business for over 10 years, giving me extensive knowledge on the logistics of the industry. Additionally, I have over eight years of experience in the e-commerce business, co-owning Vikijons (a local restaurant), founder of Jukkie Digital Agency, CEO & Founder of Hela Job as well as having multiple passive income streams on the side.

Throughout my career, I have supported large-scale businesses, including LF Cars, ANAAM Cars, and Milanostone. I helped these companies attain sponsorships as well as advised on investments, promotion, planning, feedback and more. I have a strong work ethic and am always looking for outside-of-the box solutions to common corporate problems or obstacles. This passion for industry has also lead me to create a unique property retail business, allowing all customers, regardless of experience, education, or background, the chance to gain and sell assets. The aim of this company is to help others learn about the business world while still earning an income.

Thanks to a solid foundation in multi-language communication, I have fostered a variety of strong business partnerships, both nationally and internationally, without spending a dime. My excellent communication skills have also made me an effective leader, successfully managing teams of upwards of 25 people.

My driving forces are constant self-improvement and development, as well as a desire to help businesses and individuals reach their full potential. As a result, I am one of the official investors and sponsors of the WellBeing Assurance Foundation in Columbia. The Foundation’s aim is to help underprivileged children escape poverty, with educational programs focusing on leadership development and the acquisition of business skills. I bring this same level of passion for education to each and every course I teach. For this industry to progress, it needs qualified leaders of tomorrow, and I am proud to have a hand in their education.

What you will get from this course:

  • Templates that you will be able to use yourself.
  • Access to message Ioannis directly and ask all the questions you need.
  • and more…

Are you ready to change your life?






How To Use The Course

The First Steps

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

16 Reasons on hiring a virtual assistant

Reason #1

Reason #2

Reason #3

Reason #4

Reason #5

Reason #6

Reason #7

Reason #8

Reason #9

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Reason #10

Reason #11

Reason #12

Reason #13

Reason #14

Reason #15

Reason #16

Is it worth the investment?

Answer to be known

Tasks to outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Tasks to outsource to a Virtual Assistant – Part 1

Tasks to outsource to a Virtual Assistant – Part 2

Tips after hiring a Virtual Assistant

Tip #1

Tip #2

Tip #3

Tip #4

Tip #5

Practical Videos

Introduction To The Practical Side

Advantages and Disadvantages

How To Structure The Salary and Wages

Platforms To Use To Hire Freelancers

Important Interview Questions

Important Interview Questions – List

Posting Our First Job

Staff Incentive, Commissions, and KPIs

Conclusion & Next Steps

Conclusion & Next Steps – Part 1

Conclusion & Next Steps – Part 2

Last Words

Bonus Lecture