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Build The Most Creative Website Design using all the Modern Technologies – HTML 5 CSS3 Bootstrap 5 JavaScript & JQuery

What you will learn

How to create Modern Looking Responsive Website Design

Complete FrontEnd Website Design

Responsive Website Design

Modern Technologies such as HTML 5 CSS 3 Bootstrap 5 JavaScript & Jquery

Creative Web Design

SEO Optimized Website Design & Development


Are you searching for a 1-Stop Course , where you can Learn The ultimate FrontEnd Web Development from Scratch to Master Level , where you can Learn Designing modern looking Real world Responsive website design and development, Creative Effects , Animation Effects , Seo Optimized Designed for every Designer

Welcome to this Mega Course – The Ultimate FrontEnd Web Development – 8+ Courses Included

  • 40+ Hours Video Content
  • Over 100’s of Projects Idea Included
  • More than 170+ Lectures

In This course , you are going to cover the following Topics :

  • FrontEnd Design
  • Creative Website Design from scratch
  • Designing Professional HTML 5 Template
  • Complete FrontEnd Website Development
  • Designing Awesome Website Sections
  • SEO Optimized
  • Fully Responsive
  • 24/7 Supports – No matter what the time is !
  • Mastering in Web Design
  • Retina Ready Display

and many more …

Every Month , we are going to have different Projects , may it be some web design projects or creative ideas for designers , so that you can maintain yourself as an Active Designer

Practice Images and Resource Files are Included . More Practice Images will be shared and solved

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After taking this course,you will Mastering in Frontend website development .You will gain enormous confidence in yourself, that you can take up any professional Project. You can create next level web design . You can create your own Fantasy World of website design.You can design the website as much as you want.

I am really feeling honored to walk you through everything step by step and while taking lectures , if at any point , you feel like you need any help from me regarding this course , please feel free to let me know

So , are you excited to become a Professional High Level Real World website design or frontend development and explore every bits of it ?

Lets get Started !! Enroll in this course and take the first step to become an Active FrontEnd website design using all the modern technologies such as HTML 5 CSS 3 Bootstrap JavaScript & JQuery



1.First Website Design
Introductory Video
Responsive Nav Area simple markup
Navigation Styling & Finalize
Banner Part Markup
Banner Styling
Website Completion
2.Make Creative Portfolio Website
Introductory video
Basic FIles linking for Portfolio Website Design
Website Nav Markup starts
Profile part & nav styling
Profile inner styling and icon adding
Menu and Logo Adjusting
making menu working and styling
Plugin Linking and Resume Simple Markup
Resume Part 2
Portfolio Part 1
Portfolio part 2
Final Design
3.Real world responsive Website Design Started
Website Overview – How it looks like
Setting up file folder
Navbar part one
Navbar Part Two
Navbar Part Three
Slider Part with Simple Markup
Slider Part 2 Markup & Style
Slider Part 3 With CSS Styling
Slider Part Finalize
Service Section Started with Simple HTML 5 Markup
Service Section Markup & CSS Styling
Feature Section with Markup
Feature part 2 With Markup
Feature Part 3
Feature Part 4
Blockquote Markup part 1
Blockquote Part 2
Download & Fliping Effect – Rest part
Footer Section Part 1
Footer Part 2
Smooth scroll for website design
Back to Top Effect
Animate the section while Scrolling the page
Responsive Section Start & Finalize
4. Real world Responsive Website Design
How Website Looks like
File Folder Setup
Files linking and Adding Favicon
Navigation creation with Responsive Button
CSS 3 Styling for responsive navigation
Slider part 1 & Putting some icons over
Slider part 2
Slider Part 3 & Social links
Water Ripple Effect Start & Complete
Animating text
Sticky navigation using custom javascript
our services section part 1
Our service section part 2
works part one with html5 markup
Magnific popup for work section
Team section part 1 with HTML markup and styling
Team Part 2
Team member part 3 – JS initilizing
Team part 3 – making team section responsive
Slider indicators for team section
Reviews part 1
Reviews Styling using CSS 3
Frequently asked question part 1
Frequently asked question part 2
Frequently asked question part 3
Video Markup Part 1
Video Section with Styling
Blog Part 1 With Markup
Blog Section Part 2 with Styling
Counter Stats Part 1
Counter Stats – JQuery initializing
Contact Form part 1 with markup
Contact form part 2 with Styling
Contact form part 3 & CSS 3 Styling
Embedding map and Footer both – part 1
Embedding google map and footer- part 2
Smooth scroll and menu linking with specific section
Smooth scroll for only the section not for the anchor link which are inside t
Advance easing effect on the scroll
Animate css file linking and working part 1
Reveal the animation on the scroll not on the page load part 1
Enabling animation with duration and delays- part 2
5. Build the Next Level Website Design
Website Overview
FIle folder Setup
Bootstrap linking with html page
Slider part 1
Slider part 2
Slider part 3
Sticky Navigation
Header section full part
Feature section Start & Final
More feature area part 1
More features part 2
More features area part 3
More area featurs part 4
Testimonial part 1
Testimonial part 2
Testimonial part 3
Our Team section part 1
Our Team section part 2
Our Team section part 3
Our Team section part 4
Our Team part 5
Download Section Part 1
Download section part 2
Download section part 3
Contact page part 1
Contact page part 2
Contact page part 3
Contact page part 4
Google map & Footer part 1
Google Map & Footer Part 2
Embedding messanger and navigation linking
Smooth Scroll
Responsive navigation part 1
Responsive navigation part 2
Website Animation Part 1
website animation part 2
website animation part 3
Last Section for responsive
Responsive Section for all
6. Complete Photoshop To Responsive HTML 5 Website Design
Introduction & overview
Tools acquainted
file folder setup and fonts adding
Hero area part 1 with Markup Only
Hero area part 1 with styles
services section part with markup
services section part with style
video Area part 1- Markup
video part 2 with Styles
video part 3 final
About section
team area markup
Skills bar
Team area style
team js file final
features part 1 – Markup and styles
feature box part 2
feature box final
responsive tab part 1 with style
Responsive Tab part 2
Gallery filter part 1
Gallery fitler part 2 style
Gallery filter part 3
Testimonial part 1
Testimonial part 2
Pricing part 1
Counter Effect
Client List part 1
Newslider part 1
Newslider part 2
Contact form part 1
Contact form part 2
Contact form part 3
Conctact form part 4
Google map
Footer final
Navigation Part 1
Navigation part 2
Navigation part Final with smooth scroll
Develop Music Player Fully functional using HTML 5 Bootstrap 5 Javascript
Introductory Video ans getting started
Styling for music player app
Next styling for music player
seekbar and handle design using style.css
JavaScript for Functional
Second JavaScript Part
Last JavaScript Part
Music ui design part 1
music player ui design – part 2
second markup for musicplayer ui design
music app ui design markup part 2
music player ui desing part 3 for styling
music player ui design part 4
music player ui design part 5
music player ui design part 6
music player ui design part 7
javascript initilize – end for ui design