Learn The Most Professional Guest Posting Approach + Guest Post Pitch Samples, Author Bio Samples, Proof Reading Tools

What you will learn

Guest post blogging

Guest blog based link building

Finding the best opportunity sites

Analyzing & shortlisting the sites on different authority indicators by using tools

Drafting guest post pitches + 10 Pitch examples

Collecting the right primary and secondary keywords

Writing author bio + 10 Author bio examples

Writing a guest post by following the best practices

Proofreading and preparing a post to send to the publisher

Top 10 proofreading tools

Promotion and tracking the performance of a guest blog post


The Complete Guest Blogging Course For Quality Link Building covers the complete process of guest blogging, from beginning to end. It’s the best course recommended even if you have no prior knowledge of guest blogging or guest blog posting. We have designed this course to help you approach the guest blog post link building most professionally.

The guest blogging course for link building covers how you can discover the finest guest posting opportunities or publishing websites. It will also help you evaluate each of the selected publishing websites on various quality metrics and authority indicators. You will be introduced to all the tools [free] that you can use to analyze whether a host site qualifies to publish a guest post or not.

This course also helps you learn the impressive ways to prepare a pitch that you can send as a guest post request to editors of host or publisher websites. Apart from this, you will also learn how you can collect the best keywords on your own. Then you will learn the professional practices you should follow while writing guest post articles or blogs.

You will learn about all the steps you should take before sending a guest post to publishing websites to minimize the chances of rejection or rework. The course introduces you to the top 10 proofreading tools that make your guest post writing and proofreading easier than ever before.

You will also learn how you can also promote your guest post online so that no stone remains unturned in your quest for brand-creation, authority, and link building. Also, you will learn what are things you should do after publishing a guest blog to keep on getting its advantage for a long period.

This guest blog post publishing course can help you emerge as a winner in the guest blogging arena whether you are working at a company, as a freelancer or, for your website.

The course also includes:

  • Top 10 Guest Post Pitch Examples PDF e-book
  • Top 10 Author Bio Examples PDF e-book
  • Top 10 Proofreading Tools PDF e-book




Introduction To Guest Blogging, Understating Its Importance, And Its Purpose

Introduction to the course

What is Guest Blogging and What are its benefits?

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What is your purpose for guest blogging?

Researching Guest Blogging Opportunities & Analyzing Them For Their Eligibility

Part 1 – How to find guest post opportunities (sites) for posting blogs?

Part 2 – How to find guest post opportunities (sites) for posting blogs?

P1 – How to analyze selected target sites to own the best authority indicator?

P2 – How to analyze selected target sites to own the best authority indicators?

Pitch Preparation And Communication With Target Site Editors

Part 1- How to prepare pitch for communicating with guest-post sites?

Part 2 – How to prepare pitch for communicating with guest-post sites?

Writing, Proofing, And Sending Your Guest Blog/Article For Publication Approval

Learning and following the guest post writing guidelines

Part1 – How to collect keywords for your guest post?

Part 2 – How to collect keywords for your guest post?

Writing A Guest Post Blog or Article [From TITLE to AUTHOR BIO]

Proofreading, linking, choosing right images, sending, reworking, publishing

Post Publication Activities

Promoting your post and tracking its performance

Tracking the Traffic from Your Guest Post and Following


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