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Tired of the Anger Reruns!

What you will learn

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Anger Definitions

Anger Management

Secondary & Primary Emotions

Personal Development

Stress Reduction


The Anger Saga is a personal development course that focuses on Anger Management. It investigates the anger cycle by identifying the emotional origin of anger and ways to break the negative habits created within the cycle.  This is part 1 of a 3 part series to address the Anger Saga.

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What is Anger?

Anger Pre-Assessment
Defining Anger
Anger Post-assessment

Primary and Secondary Emotion

Primary Emotions
Quiz on Primary Emotions
Anger: The Secondary Emotion
Secondary Emotion Quiz

Responding to Secondary Emotions or off triggers.

The Body’s Response
The Body’s Response

I don’t have anger problems, I just need to focus on those secondary emotions.

Positive Habits
Positive Habits