The Complete Guide for preparation of all Competitive Exams

What you will learn

β˜‘ Students will learn what it takes to clear a Competive Exam

  • How to start the Government Exam preparation?
  • What strategy should I follow?
  • Can I prepare for Govt exams at home?
  • Can I crack the Government exams on the first attempt?
  • What are the tips to crack competitive exams?
  • What are the important topics and syllabus for the exam?
  • What strategy and approach to use for the preparation of Government exams?

Cracking a competitive exam seems a daunting task. Accomplishing a huge volume of study and solving a number of complex problems in a limited amount of time is really a tough job. Competitive exams require a certain mindset and understanding which is quite different from a regular school or college academic test.

20L people apply and 2000 people get selection. So, is the exam that tough that it has only 1% selection? Nope. Because applying for the exam doesn’t mean you are serious about it. There are less than 1L people in that crowd who really prepare for the exam, your competition is with them, no 20L people.

Understand about the exam – Every entrance and competitive exam follows a different pattern so it becomes important to understand the exam thoroughly for which you are preparing. You should go through the guidelines of these exams properly to understand their nuances. Important info such as the process of the exam and the syllabus to be followed should also be given a lot of consideration while preparing for these exams so that you don’t miss anything.






What do you want ?

Why you want to do a job ?

Type of job you desire ?

Can you get it ?

Its do or die ?



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Take Good time

Understand the pattern

Previous year Question Papers ?

Syllabus is the key ?

Should you take coaching classes ?

Study Material ?

Smart work vs Hard work ?



Place of Study ?

Conceptual Clarity ?


Short Study Periods ?

Take small breaks