Live your own life

What you will learn

Learn the secret to achieve any Dreams

Increase the ability to move from inactive to Active life.

Identify the mind Destruction that stop or decrease the productivity

Find the real Value of oneself

Identify the strengths and weaknesses and learn how to overcome the weaknesses to pursue Your Dreams

Identify the opportunity that comes along the life journey

Learn the Simple yet Powerful technique to Scan your Life and Take Action

Learn the Art of Affirmation and apply the technique to Achieve your Dreams

Learn the Art of Modelling or Hacking the life of Successful people

Uncover the simple but powerful technique of Transformation of Yourself

Last but not least you will get support on email and phone call service when required.


I know how importance your Dreams are in your life. How happy will you become, while yours dreams become reality ? It gets its physical form.

” The STRAIGHT Law to pursue your Dreams” is a course that is designed to help you to fulfill your Dreams and give you the life which your really deserve. ” The STRAIGHT Law” is the step by step process; to prepare yourself to achieve your dreams, and live the life you dream for.

The course is not only theoretical knowledge but it is completely practical base, what you learn in the course , you have to follow step by step. I assure you if you sincerely follow the steps, you will definitely achieve your dreams. In this course you will learn the reasons, why people dreams but  not able to achieve them.

Actually people thinks dreams are only dreams to see, very few take their dreams seriously. You have to realise that Dreams are not only Dreams , those are Duties and Responsibilities the Universe has assigned to us.

The dreams which you see, are all achievable,  only you have to work in a certain way. You need a certain types of mindset to pursue your Dreams.

” The STRAIGHT law ” is such course where you can find a way, how to pursue your Dreams.

It has Eight steps , easy to follow. To understand and follow the steps no one need any special digree. From 9 to 90 everyone can easily follow the steps and live their life as they dream for.

I am thankful to you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience with you.

I wish you advance for your achievement. If this STRAIGHT law help you to achieve your any single dream , it is my success and achievement.

The dreams, what you see , believe it or not , are always achievable. “A Dream which is beyond your capacity, will never come to you.”

So, I want you not to take your Dreams lightly and ignorantly. Dreams are as important as our breathe. The moment we stop dreaming; our life become stagnant.

Thank you.






Section II

Story Behind the course

Section III

Reason Behind not to pursue your Dreams

The ghost of Dream

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Mind Destruction


Others people’s opinion

Hardest Task

Power of present

Shiney objects

Lack of patients

Unhealthy body and mindset

Biological default

Section IV

What example do you set up?

Section V


Scan your life

Take the priority

Research on it

According to need

Ignite yourself

Go for action 1

Go for action 2

Go for action 3

Hack the life

Transform your self 1

Transformation 2

Transformation 3

Section VI

Take challenge

Section VII


Thank you