Data-driven process to drive trafic and sell more

What you will learn

How to build a data-driven lead generation process and attract visitors

Identifying buying persona (ideal customer profile). Tempalte provided.

Build value proposition for different ideal customer profiles. Examples and layouts provided.

Learn inbound and outbound lead generation channels to attract new customers.

Use the right software tools for more effective leads generation and automation. Toolstacks provided.

Combine all the knowledge to build the process and link it with CRM system.


In this course you will learn:

-Where to find customers for your product or service and how to attract them to your webpage/social media page.

-How to identify who are your ideal clients, how to reach them and get them to buy to your product/service.

-Why it’s important to have a sales process at all?

-Difference between outbound and inbound leads, and what are the most effective ways to generate leads.

-What software will help you to do that without a need of hiring a marketing team as well as how to connect all the tools together and automate the whole process.

Hence, by end of my course, you will be able to organise and manage the sales process within your company, generate and convert more leads automatically, and as a result close more sales!

Learning by doing:

This is a practical course, you will get practical tasks and templates to implement your knowledge right away while watching this course.

During this course, you can directly implement and improve your sales process and start earning more!

You’ll Also Get:

  • Fast Support and answers to your questions
  • Access to the community of likeminded people, where you can ask additional questions and make connections
  • Lifetime Access to course updates
  • 30-day money-back guarantee – no risk!

Don’t wait, start now and in one week you will already generate more leads for your business than it’s now!




Introduction to the course.

Introduction. Structure and what to expect from the course?

What is lead generation and why do you need to structure the process?

Outbound workflow that you will be able to create by the end of this course

Inbound workflow that you will be able to create by the end of this course

Practical information before starting the course

Creating buying persona and value proposition

Definition of buying persona & explanation how to build one

Desining value proposition

Hypothesis Testing

Recap of the section

How to attract your future customers?

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Where to find your future customers?

Inbound and Outbound lead generation channels and which one should you use

Sales funnel explanation and implementation in your lead generation process

Generate sales with outbound lead generation

Definition of outbound lead generation

Finding anyone’s email address

Email strucure (with examples) and tracking

Example: How to find anyone’s verified email

Generate leads using LinkedIn automation

How to generate leads with cold calling?

Facebook groups and communities as perfect source of lead generation

How to generate leads on the conferences?

Think out of the box. Alternative approach for outbound lead generation.

Attract traffic(visitors) with inbound lead generation

Definition of Inbound lead generation

Generate more organic trafic with SEO optimisation and content creation.

Boost immediate traffic with paid ads

Which social media should you use for your business?

Make your customers into your advocates (WoM marketing)

How make your customers into your sales force – Referral vs Affiliate program

Lead Magnet

Example: Leadmagnet from HubSpot

Software tools for lead generation automation. Generate leads on autopilot.

Why should you use software for lead generation?

Where to find best and cheapest software tools?

Toolstack for inbound & outbound lead generation

CRM – make your sales process organised and structured

Why do you need it (CRM) and how to choose one?

Pipedrive CRM interface overview

Last but not least – discipline matters!