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Simple Short Tutorial for Spring Boot and Microservices with Spring Cloud

What you will learn

You will start coding in Spring Boot and will learn Spring and Microservices in detail

It will increase you to understand detailed working and annotations of Spring

You will learn to perform CREATE,UPDATE,RETRIEVE and DELETE (CRUD) operations on database layer

You will learn advance REST technology which will make you aware of HTTP verbs and RESTful Maturity via Richandson maturity level

You will learn fine details of Error and Exception Handling of REST API

Additionally you will be aware of Random numbers and values generation via Spring

You will get knowledge on Profiles and externalising configurations a way to handle application in different environment as DEV,QA ,PROD

You will learn reason to use Microservices and also when not use Microservices

Learn how to code in Feign Declarative REST client and reduce Boilerplate code of Spring REST Template code

You will be able to answer needs of load balancing via Ribbon Client Side load balancing

You will understand how new service in Microservices are discovered via Service Discovery

You will learn how to manage configurations in Microservices using Config Server

You will learn intricacy of logging and Tracing logs in distributed system using Sleuth and Zipkins

Build Resilient Systems with Hystrix Fault Tolerance

Learn how to automatically update configuration without server restart using Cloud Bus


“Spring Boot  REST API and Microservices – Spring Cloud” is comprehensive course aimed for starting your journey towards spring boot and Microservices. It covers most important fundamentals. The course gets updated with time so that you can keep pace with new offerings from spring and give an edge to your career. Start understanding the basics of Spring boot and REST API and master Microservices which are the latest and hottest topic in market.

We have grown with strong 8000 + students Look at few of the comments from our student.

“The very good knowledge of the spring boot and REST API. it was a good presentation skill. The easiest way to explain microservice and other stuff too related microservice. I feel happy with this course completed.”

-Vimal Gangadiya

“Content and explanation provided is really nice along with the practical examples.”

– Vishal Mendekar

Start the course and learn.

  1. Introduction to Spring Boot: Understand why Spring boot is required.
  2. Creating first Spring Boot Application
  3. CRUD Operations via Spring Boot
  4. HTTP verbs and RESTful Maturity via Richandson maturity level
  5. Error and Exception Handling
  6. Random numbers and values generation via Spring
  7. Profiles and externalising configurations.
  8. Microservices
    1. Introduction
    2. Feign Declarative REST Client
    3. Service Discovery in  Microservices
    4. Use of Config Server
    5. Zuul API gateway
    6. Distributed Tracing
    7. Zipkins UI to view traces
    8. Hystrix Fault tolerance
    9. Spring Cloud bus to update automatic configurations






Requirements And Prerequisite

Bootstrapping First Spring Boot Project

Spring Boot – Hello World

Full source code and Classroom details

Starting Annotations of Spring Boot

@SpringBootApplication – The First Annotation

@RestController – The Annotation | Warehouse of URLs

@RequestMapping – Annotation for Mapping URLs

Rest API with Spring Boot

Configuring Database for RESTful Application

User Information API – Anatomy

Adding JPA repository for Demo Application

POST – Adding a User

GET – Retrieve added User

PUT – Update User

DELETE – Delete User

Maturity of REST API

Understanding HTTP status codes

Richardson Maturity Model: Measure of RESTful Application

Exception Handling

Working with HTTP Status codes and Exception Handling

Using Own Exception : Customise Exception handling

Exception Handing via @ExceptionHandler and @ControllerAdvice

Content Negotiation

Content Negotiation: XML/JSON or your own content type at ease

Custom Message Converter : Creating your own Content-Type

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Configuration and properties

Configuration & properties Introduction: Using @Value and injecting Environment

Placeholder in properties file

Type-safe Configuration : @ConfigurationProperties : Hierarchical Configuration


Profiles: An Introduction

Including multiple profiles same application

Custom Handbook for Nirvana Guide of Spring Boot

Custom Handbook for Nirvana Guide of Spring Boot

Microservices : Introduction

Microservices Introduction

Advantages of Micoservices

Drawbacks of Microservices

Components of Microservices

Full Source code for Microservice Section

User Service – Introduction

Creating Sample Microservices for course

User Service – Building Starter Project Using STS

User Service – Adding Controller , Model and JPA layer

Task Service Introduction

Task Service – Model, Controller and JPA Layers

Calling Task Service from User Service

Microservices : Feign Declarative REST client

Feign Declarative REST template Introduction

Feign Declarative REST Client : in action

Microservices : RIbbon Client Side Load balancer

Microservices – Ribbon : The Load balancer

Microservices : Service Discovery

Eureka Service Discovery : Introduction

Creating a Eureka Server

Connecting Clients to Eureka

Microservices : Config Server

Config Server – Introduction

Creating a config server

Connecting to config server

Microservices : Zuul API Gateway

Zuul : Api Gateway Introduction

Zuul: API Gateway Implementation

Zuul Filters Implementation

Microservices : Distributed Tracing

Introduction to Distributed Tracing

Sleuth an Introduction

Sleuth and Zipkins UI in action

Hystrix Fault tolerance and Circuit Breaker

Hystrix Fault tolerance

Spring Cloud Config: Update Cofigs automatically

Spring Cloud Config: Updating via actuator URLs

Spring Cloud Config with cloud bus


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