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Unlock your Smartphone’s full video potential with this complete step by step guide

What you will learn

Complete Understanding of how to utilize thir smartphone’s video capabilities

How to Compose videos

how to Light a scene

How ot shoot indoors and outdoors

How to vlog with their smartphones

How to edit their videos


Welcome to the most complete Smartphone Videography Course!

In this Mastrclass we will go through everything you need to know on how to shoot and edit videos with your smartphone.

More specifically, we are going to master everything from how your smartphone camera works, frame rates and resolution, to how to stabilize your videos, producing smooth camera movements, the correct placement of lights and common composition principles to how to easily edit your videos to amazing movies.

In todays modern world, where information flows through video format, and we all have access to those very versitile tools on our pockets, knowing some basic videography principles and how to edit videos can really differentiate you from the rest and will make you very usefull and valuable.

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This is why I created this course in which we will go through all of the key principles to help you undestand how video works and how to produce professional looking videos with your smartphone

More specifically, with the completion of this course you will learn:

  • All the different gear there is to invest in
  • What Frame Rate and Resolution is
  • Basic Composition Principles
  • In Camera Transitions
  • 7 Ways to Stabilize your Clips
  • How to Light a Scene
  • Shooting Indoors
  • Shooting Outdoors
  • How to Vlog
  • How to Edit A Roll
  • How to Edit B Roll
  • Sound Design Basics

This class if for everyone that wants to learn videography and utilise the full potential of their smartphones without having to invest in expensive videography gear.



Gear and Camera Internals

The Gear
Frame Rates and Resolution

Shooting Principles

Camera Movements
Basic Composition Principles
Basic Lighting Principles

Shooting Hands – on

Shooting Indoors
Shooting Outdoors


Editing A – Roll
Editing B – Roll