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Learn how to drastically improve your conversion rate to increase sales and profit

What you will learn

How to increase the conversion rate of your Shopify store.

Increase the website speed of your Shopify store

How to create trust and build social proof

Create effective customer relationships online

How to optimize the shopify checkout sequence


This course was created and designed to be full of super easy tips that’ll help increase the conversion rate of your Shopify or e-com store.

If you don’t know what a conversion rate is, don’t worry, you’ll be taught that too.

Using real-life examples of live Shopify stores, we go through a number of areas in which you can improve your store, which should hopefully increase your conversion rates. This course covers website speed and how to fix it, how to build trust and authority through trust badges and social preview, and it covers general tips you can quickly implement to help your store’s conversion rate.

The reason why conversion rate is important to optimize is that it will dictate how well your store does financially. Because it is much easy to scale your store if five out of every one hundred customers are purchases your products rather than every 1 out of every hundred. Which for many e-commerce stores is the case now.

Learn from a 6-figure Shopify Entrepreneur and Shopify App Developer. Follow along as I provide real-world examples of live Shopify stores on how you can drastically boost your conversion rates to boost sales and profit.

So sign up today to discover super easy-to-implement tips on how you can increase the conversion rate for your Shopify store.





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What are Conversion Rates and Why Do They Matter?

How to Increase Conversion Rates

Increase Your Shopify Store Website Speed

How to Build Authority and Trust

General Tips and Questions to Ask Yourself

Checkout Optimization



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