Deploy Cloudera Hadoop, Spark & Kafka Environment(on GCP) for CCA 131 Preparation using Google Cloud Free Credits

What you will learn

Set up One Machine Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Cluster on Google Cloud (GCP)

Set up Big Data Science Environment for PoC and Experimentation

Prepare for Cloudera Certifications

Setting up Custom Virtual Machine on Google Cloud Platform


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Please note that this is neither an official course of Cloudera nor Google.

The purpose of this course is to provide hands-on exposure to you to setup Big Data Engineering Lab in Pseudo-distributed mode (Single Machine Cluster). The environment is built using new Cloudera platform i.e. Cloudera Data Platform for deploying HDFS, YARN, Hive, Spark etc. on Google Cloud Platform.

This course leverages free credits of Google Cloud Platform so there is no need to pay anything to anyone for running labs till free credits are available.

You may join our YouTube Channel named “DataCouch” for getting access to interesting videos free of cost.

We have many Google certified instructors who can assist your team in moving forward in Google Cloud implementation in the right way.

We are also an official training delivery partner of Confluent Kafka.. We conduct corporate trainings on various topics including Confluent Kafka Developer, Confluent Kafka Administration, Confluent Kafka Real Time Streaming using KSQL & KStreams and Confluent Kafka Advanced Optimization. Our instructors are well qualified and vetted by Confluent for delivering such courses.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any requirements for Confluent Kafka Training for your team. Happy to assist.





Course Introduction

About DataCouch

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Course Overview

Setup GCP Account

GCP Account Setup

Customizing Operating System (OS)

Customizing OS – Part 1

Customizing OS – Part 2

Customizing OS – Part 3

Cloudera Manager Installation

Setting Up Cloudera Manager

Installing and Configuring CDP Services

Installing and Configuring HDFS and YARN

Installing and Configuring Hive and Tez

Installing and Configuring Spark

Installing and Configuring Kafka

Installing and Configuring Impala