Discover you True Self and realize the power of Awareness

What you will learn

Self Awereness

Self Inquiry

Existential Inquiry

Phenomenological Differentiation


This course is a real time inquiry into THE NOW

  • Discover your TRUE SELF
  • Find your deepest understanding
  • Develop your wisdom
  • Learn to speak with insight
  • Experience the Truth of Awareness

This course will make your life clear to you:

  • What you do
  • What you want
  • What you think
  • What you feel

Learning to speak your Truth is one of the foundational skills of the Good Life

The ability to notice when things are unclear allows for correcting and moving towards clarity

Inquire into existential and cosmic reality:

  • What is Life
  • What is God
  • What is Truth
  • What is Love

The answers are within you…

…you only need space and time to bring them out

We all need time to reflect, but how often do we put this into our schedule?

This course contains IMMEDIATE and DIRECT self-reflection

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This course creates space for your own expression, personal knowledge and individuality

You carry with you everything you need to know about life. Your experience is what’s most real and most meaningful to you. You are the only one that can bring your self knowledge to it’s fruition.

By taking the time to speak your way forward, encounter your experience, inquire into the nature of Awareness, you will discover your True Self

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Getting Started

Introduction and Course Overview

Core Instructions

Self Inquiry – 20 Minute Sessions

20 Minutes “What You Are”

20 Minutes “What You Think”

20 Minutes “What You Feel”