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Learn about important things to consider when buying your first snake, good choices, & how to recognise a healthy snake.

What you will learn

Different types of snakes available and the best options for a first time owner;

Signs of good health and signs of ill-health in a snake to reduce the risk of buying an unhealthy snake;

Suggested questions to ask the seller when purchasing your first snake;

Important things to consider when choosing which type of snake to buy;

Considerations for where to buy a snake from;

Considerations for the legalities of keeping a snake.


Maybe you’re considering getting your first pet snake, or maybe you have already made the decision to get a pet snake. This course is one in a series of courses. The focus of this course is to help you decide which type of snake would be best suited to your personal circumstances and motivation, and to help you avoid making a choice you later regret! (This particular course is not about how to care for your snake).

Make an Informed Decision about the Best Pet Snake for you

If you are new to keeping reptiles you may have a number of questions buzzing round your head that include:

· What type of snake should I buy?

· Where should I buy it from?

· How do I know if I’m buying a healthy snake?

At the end of this course you will be able to answer these questions and more.

Learn to Differentiate Between Snakes and Find a Healthy Specimen

There are many different species of snakes, as well as subspecies and morphs within species, so I will give you a basic understanding of different types of snakes. I will also give you my recommendations for first time snake ownership.

Did you know, or ever wonder why so many giant snakes get handed into animal rescue facilities? It is common place for people to buy a pet snake only to find themselves with a giant snake on their hands a few years later that they don’t have the space for!

Sure you could spend time watching YouTube videos, and there are some great keepers giving great advice on YouTube, but there are also bad ones and why waste your time sifting through the bad to get to the good! And what if you can’t tell if someone is giving you good or bad advice, after all you can’t judge every book by its cover right!?

This course has been put together to put you on the right track by giving you what you need to know in one place.

Contents and Overview

During the course I will show you video footage and images to demonstrate some of the information I am giving you. This course contains 17 lectures and about 35 minutes of video content.

I have added a practical exercise, multiple choice quiz, and a printable checklist to help you.

At the beginning of this course I start by introducing you to the different families of snakes.

I will ask you to reflect on your motivation for wanting a pet snake and make recommendations to you.

We will also address the following questions:

· How much room will I need to give it?

· Should I get a baby snake or an adult for my first pet snake?

· Should I get a male or female?

· If I see a snake for sale that I want, how will I know if it is healthy?

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· What sort of questions should I ask the seller before I buy?

· Do I need a permit to keep snakes where I live?

If you are new to the reptile hobby then this course will give you some confidence about the right questions to ask a seller and basic, sound knowledge before you head out to buy.




Introduction and Welcome


Why choose a snake as a pet?

Consider your motivation

Choose the type of snake that suits your circumstances

A snake to match your personal circumstances

Basic explanation of the different families of snakes

How much space do I need to give a snake?

Price range and variations within snakes

Should I choose male or female, baby or adult?

Good options for first time snake keepers

Recognising healthy snakes

The signs of an unhealthy snake

Questions you should ask the seller

Where to buy your first snake

Indications of a snake’s health

Snake keeping rules and regulations

Consider whether you need a permit or licence to keep a snake

Rules and ethics against removing animals from the wild

Information Fact sheet

Final section: Congratulations and where to from here?


Bonus lecture