For campus placements, Bank exams, Test preparation, RRB, SSC & CDS exams

What you will learn

Fundamentals in quantitative aptitude

Short tricks in aptitude

Aptitude practice problems

Problem solving approach


Quantitative aptitude is a necessary requirement to enter into any higher level education and entry level jobs in any sector.

About this course:

This course on Quantitative aptitude simplifies the concept in the form of quick tricks. Here, Quick trick is a formula, or a rule which helps you to solve the question in less time. A set of solved examples are followed by every quick trick to enhance your problem solving ability. This course is meticulously designed to meet your test preparation needs.

Salient features of the course:

1. Organisation of chapters into concept, quick tricks and solved examples.

2.  discussion of every topic at basic level.

3. Concept explanation with simple examples.

4. More than 300 solved examples

5. Tips and tricks.

About Faculty:

Mr. Udaya Bhaskar, an experienced faculty who teaches quantitative aptitude for various competitive examinations for higher education and Job preparation. He formulated and summarised all the tricks and concepts that are required for quantitative aptitude and explained in this course. His teaching experience and analytical ability is reflected in this course.

Course Objective:

Primary objective of this course is to revise and brush up all your fundamentals and concepts related aptitude in less than 10 hours. This course provides all the necessary preparatory tools required to enhance your test preparation.





Number system basics

Place value

Quick trick 01 and 02

Practice problems- set 01

Practice problems-set 02

Primary classification of numbers

Practice problems-set 03

Practice problems-set 04

Prime and composite numbers

Practice problems-set 05

Practice problems-set 06

Practice problems-set 07

Practice problems-set 08

Fractions and Division

Lesson-01 Real numbers and fractions

Lesson-02 Types of fractions

Lesson-03 Practice problems- set 01

Lesson-04 Practice problems set-02

Lesson-05 Practice problems set-03

Lesson-06 Basic division operation

Lesson-07 Practice examples set-04

Lesson-08 Practice problems set-05

Lesson-09 Quick tricks-01 to 03

Lesson-10 Quick tricks- 04 to 06

Lesson-11 Quick tricks- 07 to 09

Lesson-12 Quick tricks- 10 & 11

Lesson-13 Practice problems set-06

Lesson-14 Practice problems set-07


Lesson-01 Introduction

Lesson-02 Quick tricks- 01 & 02

Lesson-03 Solved examples set-01

Lesson-04 Quick tricks- 03 & 04

Lesson-05 Quick tricks- 05 & 06

Lesson-06 Practice problems on trick 05 & 06

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Lesson-07 Quick trick-07

Lesson-08 Practice problems on trick-07

Lesson-09 Quick trick-08

Lesson-10 Practice problems on trick-08

Lesson-11 Quick trick-09

Lesson-12 Quick trick-10

Lesson-13 Practice problems

Lesson-14 Practice problems

Lesson-15 Practice problems


Lesson-01 Standard percentages

Lesson-02 Practice problems set-01

Lesson-03 Quick trick-01

Lesson-04 Quick trick-02

Lesson-05 Quick trick-03

Lesson-06 Practice problems

Lesson-07 Quick trick-04

Lesson-08 Quick trick-05

Lesson-09 Quick trick-06

Lesson-10 Quick trick-07


Lesson-01 Introduction

Lesson-02 Proportion-Basics

Lesson-03 Practice problems set-01

Lesson-04 Practice problems set-02

Lesson-05 Practice problems set-03

Lesson-06 Quick trick-01

Lesson-07 Quick trick-02

Lesson-08 Practice problems set-03

Lesson-09 Quick tricks-03 to 05

Lesson 10 Practice problems set-04

Lesson-11 Quick trick-06

Lesson-12 Practice problems set 05

Lesson-13 Quick trick-07

Lesson-14 Quick trick-08

Lesson-15 Practice problems set-06

Lesson-16 Practice problems set-07

Data Interpretation(tables, Bar plots and Pie charts)

Data tables-practice problems- set 01

Data tables-practice problems-set 02

Data tables-Practice problems- set 03

Data tables-Practice problems-set 04

Data tables-Practice problems-set 05

Data tables-Practice problems-set 06

Data tables- Practice problems-set 07

Bar plots- Practice problems- set 01

Bar plots-Practice problems-set 02

Bar plots-Practice problems-set 03

Bar plots-Practice problems-set 04

Bar plots-Practice problems-set 05

Bar plots-Practice problems-set 06

Bar plots-Practice problems-set 07