Learning the Logical and Islamic View on The Existence of God

What you will learn

How to prove the existence of God.

The intelligent design of the world

God’s Qualities and Attributes

God’s Justice and the reason behind calamities

Pre-destination and freewill


In this course, students will explore the logical and Islamic view on proving God and His qualities.

The instructor first answers this important question: “Why should humans think about God and recognize Him?”

There are three main questions we humans have to answer:

1. Where have we come from?

2. Where are we now and why?

3. Where will we go afterward?

– Then he talks about the two ways to know and recognize God. The first way is innate inclination. And the second way is observing and looking carefully into the world as the signs of God.

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– After that, the instructor explains what does the intelligent design of the world tell us about its creator? With a quick glance at the world, we realize that the world is not in disorder. Rather, all phenomena are in motion, moving towards a clear and determined direction.

– This truth is clear for everyone’s conscience that whenever an order exists in a facility, this show intellect, thought, a plan and a goal. Through the mentioned points we come to the conclusion that there is a creator, who created them in the order and has Power over them.

– Most often, God’s qualities are divided into two groups: those which God has (qualities of beauty or thubutiyyah) and those which God is free from (qualities of majesty or salbiyyah).




Knowing God

Knowing God 1

Knowing God 2

God’s Qualities

The Intelligent Design of the World 1

The Intelligent Design of the World 2

God’s Qualities and Attributes