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Get things done this year, and stick to your “new year new me” promise with this course !

What you will learn

Turn past failures into new ways to succeed

Organize better to stop wasting time

Know how to change things around to get maximum productivity

Recognize and quit a bad habit

Cut ties with negative people


If procrastination, lack of motivation or fear of failure are the reasons you can’t succeed, then get ready to finish all your projects and stick to your new year resolutions !

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Being successful is a choice ! Yes, you read it right, it’s a choice. And you’re the only one able to change your life.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to identify the reasons or people that made you fail
  • How to finally get things done by motivating yourself with awesome tricks
  • How to identify good hobbies and time-wasting hobbies
  • How to stop wasting your time by analyzing the way your day goes
  • How to figure out what is right and wrong for you, and take action

Good news, if you’re WILLING to become successful, you already made a big step that most people don’t do.

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This is a condensed course giving a little bit of information about a lot of subjects on the theme of motivation and productivity. There are millions of hours of content that could be added to this course and make you an expert in your field. As soon as you are done with this course, you are one mile ahead compared to people who started watching courses about specialized content, such as Dropshipping, Marketing, Copywriting, etc…

Never stop learning, never skip the basics!

This course was selected as part of the Top 20 Personal Development courses ranking on “online courses review” website.




Who are you?
Who am I?
What is stopping you?
Yes you can !
The first step
The second step
Section 1 recap (article)
Section 1 test

Get started !

Clean around you
Clean your computer
Get what you need
Android App for motivation : LifeRPG
Your first goal
How to set goals?
Track your progress
Section 2 recap (article)

Know yourself

Coffee and bad habits
The importance of music
Is your hobby worth it?
Section 3 recap (article)

Stop wasting your time

Time wasted = energy wasted
Think about how you spend your time
Read and learn every day (article)
Section 4 recap (article)

Work and reward

Take a break
Who are you now?
Ten life rules I use every day
My biggest mistake
Section 5 recap (article)
Bonus lecture : Start now (FREE COURSES)