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How to Use Procreate 5X Course – Digital Drawing & Painting on the iPad (Pro) in 3+1 Hands-on Style Art Projects

What you will learn

How to use Procreate 5X on the iPad with the Apple Pencil for digital art

Procreate gestures to speed up your art creation workflow

Tips & tricks for digital drawing & painting on the iPad

How to create animations in Procreate

Latest features of Procreate 5X


Learn how to use Procreate 5X on the iPad with the Apple Pencil for digital art, illustration, drawing and painting.

The iPad (Pro, Air 3, Mini 5, iPad 7) with Procreate 5X can be turned into a mini art studio, a powerful digital drawing tool that you can take with you anywhere. Procreate is one of the best digital art apps in the world of digital art.

I believe in the Learning by Doing principle. In this course you will complete four art projects. You’ll get to know many Procreate 5 tools and features. You’re going to draw, paint, create digital illustration, and animation. The projects in the course contain easy to follow steps. No previous drawing knowledge is necessary. We’re going to use digital pencil, ink, and brushes with colors to draw and paint. You will learn many tips & tricks in Procreate 5X.

Procreate is one of the best drawing apps on the iPad. If you just start to learn drawing and you don’t know where to start, the iPad + Procreate + Apple Pencil pairing is a perfect choice. If you’d like to learn sketching, drawing, painting digitally, or you plan to be an illustrator to create illustrations and design materials, Procreate is for you.

By the end of this course you’re going to feel confidence and strong foundation in working with the app.

This course is perfect for beginners. It’s also a kind of introduction to digital art.

Catch on quickly with Procreate. The last section contains a bonus project introducing all the new features of Procreate 5X update came out in Sep, 2020. So, make sure you get to the end, because it’s getting really exciting.






Procreate Basics

How to Install Procreate

The Gallery

The Drawing and Painting Interface

Optimize your Workflow with Settings

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Faster Creation with Gestures

Quiz about the most frequently used finger gestures

Start the Art Project

How to Import a Reference Photo

Draw a Low Poly Mesh

Paint the Mesh with Colors

Create the Composition

Add Background to the Composition

Add Text to your Artwork

Interesting Effects with Layer Mask

Using Opacity on the Background

Finalizing the Art Project

Share your Artwork with your Friends

How to Export your Artwork

Time-lapse Video about your Art

Add Noise to your Image