This course will provide a wide understanding of planning and all performing API tests using Postman

What you will learn

Understand planning and all performing API tests using Postman

Learn to simplify Application Programming Interface(API) in the workflow in testing and development

Master all the concepts used in POSTMAN API testing

Explore the features of Postman and in continuity by writing API tests to integrate them in a CI server where the tests will run on a current basis.


The goal of this training program is to help the trainee simplify the Application Programming Interface(API) in the workflow in testing and development. The trainee will be able to master all the concepts used in POSTMAN API testing. After the course, the trainee will be able to work smoothly in the Application Programming Interface(API)using POSTMAN.

Its objective is to give a hand to an individual who is eager to learn the POSTMAN API(application programming interface) testing from scratch. The trainee will be able to be familiar with postman API testing after this course and will be able to implement them in practical life. Topics like Postman and API Testing will be covered as well as the projects on Customer Data Management.

Postman is at present one of the most accepted tools used in API testing which is used by more than 4 million users worldwide. Postman is an application for testing APIs which sends requests to the webserver and by getting a response back in return. It can run either on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome Apps. It also permits the users to set up all the headers and cookies that an API is expecting and checks the responses. It increases the productivity of an organization. By this course, you will be able to get an understanding of Postman API(application programming interface) Testing.

This training program has been developed in such a manner so it can include all the concepts that one master to work expertly in this programming interface. In the opening training module of the course, the instructor will brief you about the basics of the postman API testing through the first unit of the first module which will be helpful for the learner to understand the basics concepts which will be like the supplements to understand the more compound concepts. you will also be gaining knowledge about all the advanced concepts of postman API (application programming interface) testing which will also be practiced with the help of mock questions that are covered in the training modules and will be displayed with the solutions. This course also includes three projects which will help the trainees in covering all the concepts associated with the programming interface. After finishing this course, you will be having all the abilities that will be required to work efficiently.




Postman Training Fundamentals


Installation of Postman

Understanding GUI of Postman

Create First API Request

Create POST Request

Understanding Collections

Collection Runner

Understanding Varibales


Create Environment and Set Variables

API Testing using POSTMAN

DEBUG Postman

Understanding Postman

Testing using Newman

Testing using Newman Continue

Postman Advanced Features


Visualization in Postman Part 1

Visualization in Postman Part 2

Visualization in Postman Part 3

HTML Report Generation Part 1

HTML Report Generation Part 2

HTML Report Generation Part 3

Python Flask

Testing it using Postman

Python Postman Output

Postman and API Testing

Introduction to Android App Testing with Postman

Postman and API Testing

Installation of Postman

Postman Interface

Postman Interface Continues

Android Project

Android Project Demo Continues

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Client Side

Start Up Node Server

Get Method

Model View Controller


Constants Continues

Navigation Drawer

Introduction to Managing APIs with Collections

Postman Tool Box

Learning Collection Practically

Create aand Store Collection

Postman Code Testing

Advance Test Cases in POSTMAN

Validate the Schema

Testing the Content Type

Testing Keys in the Response Body is Matching or Not

Testing Weather Keys Have the Proper Value

Postman Project : Customer Data Management

Introduction to Project

Installation of Postman


Anaconda and Basics of Postman

Understanding Flask and Postman

Writing Function Part 1

Writing Function Part 2

Writing Function Part 3

Writing Function Part 4

Writing Function Part 5

Post and Get Method

Implement Get Method

Update Column

Output of Code

Project on Postman: Employee Management System

Introduction To Project

Adding Dependencies

Main Class

Employee Model and Repository

Exception Handlers

Exception Handlers Continue


Controllers Continous

Properties File