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All what you need to know about polyethylene business and industry.

What you will learn

What is Polyethylene? Uses, production process, history, market overview.

Types & classification of Polyethylene and difference between each of them.

General/physical properties such as: density, melt flow index and their relation with Polyethylene structure.

Mechanical propertues such as: tensile strength, flexural stiffness, impact strength & ESCR.

Plastic Industry Fundamentals, including: Blown Film Extrusion, Pipe Extrusion, Injection Molding and Blow Molding

Basic additives used with Polyethylene.

Key players/suppliers in the global markets.


Welcome to our course, and thanks for your subscription which means you are interested to learn more about polyethylene, on practical basis.

In order to give a good overview about this course, we need to answer 3 simple questions: What, Who, and How?

What is this course for?

It is all about the essentials of polyethylene. the basic properties, definitions, uses, applications, and so many information that you will learn. This course is designed in a certain structure for easy learning, you will find it very simple, very focused, and practical for actual use.

Who is this course for?

it is for all business or industry related persons:

  1. This could be technicians or engineers who use polyethylene as raw material for their machines,
  2. Or for salespersons and traders, who are part of the supply chain cycle, and want to get the proper learning for their business,
  3. And business owners, who are investing their money in this business, whether it is trading or manufacturing,
  4. And could be useful for students, who are in the field of polymer science, petrochemicals, or industrial engineering.

How we will achieve the learning purposes, and get the best of this course?

we designed it on the basis of 3 educational steps; listen, read and, practice:

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  • Listen to the videos and lessons carefully, repeat it as required as they are very rich in information, and if you still have questions you can communicate us.
  • Then, read the material available with the course. we have attached many pdf files with the course content to read by yourself, and have some efforts with your own hand.
  • Then, do some practice by solving the quiz that comes after each lesson.

The course content is designed in a step-by-step structure, so you will learn everything gradually:

First, we will start with an introduction about polyethylene:

  • What is polyethylene
  • How it is being produced, and different stages of the production process,
  • A quick overview about its history, which is important to get the feeling how much valuable it is,
  • and then, a quick overview about the global market of polyethylene, and its consumption worldwide.

Then, we will have a look on its types:

  • The basic methods of classifications, and how to differentiate between each type.
  • As well as, the different forms of polyethylene, and how it is being handled in the industry.

After that, we will move to the different properties of polyethylene, such as:

  • The molecular properties, and its internal structure,
  • The physical properties, such as the melt flow index and the density,
  • The mechanical properties such as the tensile strength, flexural stiffness, impact properties and toughness,
  • As well as other properties, such as the environmental stress crack resistance.

Then we will move to its industrial applications:

  • Starting from the basics of extrusion, and the main components of an extrusion machine,
  • The blown film process, and the steps to make a plastic film,
  • As well as the pipe extrusion process, and how to make different sizes of plastic pipes,
  • The injection molding process, to make housewares
  • And finally, the blow molding process to make plastic bottles and drums.

Then, we will have a quick look on its additives:

  • Starting from the basics, and its different types,
  • With some details on the most important ones, such as antioxidants, used to stabilize the material against oxidation
  • Anti-block and slip additives, to make surface modification of the end products,
  • The UV stabilizers to protect the product from the UV radiation effects.

Finally, we will have a separate lesson on the key player in the market, meaning the main suppliers in different regions in the world such as the united states, Europe, Africa, middle east, china and others.

And in order to make it easier, you will find that this course is full of animations that illustrate all the details that you will need.

By following the said structure, you will be able to get involved in this business easily, or you will enhance your capabilities, to a better level, and don’t forget our preferred method: listen, read, and practice.

This is not the end, and actually there is a fourth question: which is, why?

Why to choose our course?

Because it is prepared by experienced professionals, who are working for many years with global and international experience, and have the talent to transfer this experience to you.

So, why you are waiting?! Join us now.



Course Introduction
What is Polyethylene?
What is Polyethylene? Uses, Production Process, History & Global Market Overview
Types of Polyethylene
Types & Forms of Polyethylene
General Properties
General, Molecular & Physical Properties of Polyethylene
Mechanical Properties of Polyethylene
Industrial Applications
Industrial Applications & Basics of Extrusion
Blown Film Extrusion
Pipe Extrusion
Injection Molding
Blow Molding
Additives of Polyethylene
Additives of Polyethylene
Key Players in the Market
Key Players in the Market
Course Conclusion