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SWOT, 5 Whys, data analysis. How to set goals, to deal with followers, set KPIs and more

What you will learn

How to run a campaign

How to set goals

How to manage volunteers

Management tools


Having a feeling that you want to change something in society is good, however on many occasions these feelings disappear or become disappointments once the reality hits you.


The Political Engineering: Essential Training course is designed for small organisations with a vision of change, but with tight budgets.

I have tailored this course to reflect your organisation’s needs and to give you understanding what you need to do and what areas you should develop.

Goal is to place VOTERS at center. Just like when engineers place customer at center. Understand what voters want, brainstorm solutions, refine ideas, put them to test. Do analysis. Meet voters face to face and win their support. At the lowest cost. Get yourself (or your organisation) elected to work for the voters.

You will learn:

  • That money doesn’t get you elected,
  • Tools such as: Brainstorming, SWOT analysis, 5 Whys,
  • How to gather and analyse data,
  • Solution Selection Matrix,
  • Stakeholder analysis,
  • What are KPIs and how to set them in your organisation,
  • GANTT chart and setting the timeline,
  • Operational goals,
  • Organizing your people,
  • How to deal with volunteers,
  • Splitting the audiences,
  • How to persuade,
  • How to create content like journalist,
  • more.

I hope you will like the course.

I would also invite you to reach me out for additional resources or if you need help with brainstorming.

Welcome to the course!






See the world through the eyes of an Engineer


Who is this course for?

Basics to know

Goals are meaningless if you don’t win

SHOCKINGLY – money doesn’t get you elected!


SWOT analysis

RCA – 5 Why’s

Learn from data

Importance of feedback

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Data and Analysis

How to correlate data and learn from it

What do you actually want?

Nonviolent action

What is it you want to change?

Triangulating the Goal

Solution Selection Matrix

Getting there

Your Stakeholders

A personal conversation is the gold standard

Achieving your goals: Making the timeline

Achieving your goals: KPIs

Achieving your goals: Other

Tools at your disposal

Start working

First things first – Operational goals

Second operational goal – organize people

Dealing with Volunteers

Authoritarian followers

Split your audience

How to persuade?

How to create content like journalist?


Not all donations are good

What could go wrong?

The Checklist