Personal Finance for Beginners

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How to grow your money ?

How to Invest your money ?

How to do budgeting ?

How to be financially independent by age 40?


This is a personal finance course for students and recent graduates to be specific it is for age group 14-28. The aim of this course is to get a realistic idea about how to be financially independent as soon as possible while doing regular active job . This is a beginner level course with some suggestions for savings and investments which one can follow to achieve financial freedom as soon as possible . Remember these are just suggestions I am not a financial expert but I have an insight about personal finance as I run my own business and have done various jobs too .In this course students will learn about How to make an honest budget for themselves in order to get an idea about money required to live a particular kind of lifestyle on wants , students will also get an insight on modern and traditional methods of investments along with investment strategy to grow their money ,They will know about how taxes are going to impact their life and why should they always consider inflation before investing anywhere . In this course student will also get an idea about passive income and skills required to earn passive income online .By the end of this course we will touch the topic of insurance and what kind of insurance is really important for us .





What you will learn about ?

Loans & Budgeting


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Asset, Liablities and Equity

Investment options (part-1)

Investment Options (part-2)

Investment Strategy

Passive Income skills

Passive Income