Performance Management at Business Lessons

What you will learn

In this course, you will learn about the reasons for the increase or decrease in performance in business life, the reasons, the results and the necessary interventions according to the data available.


Performance evaluation means measuring the potential of the work by evaluating the individual’s knowledge, skills and abilities, potential and work habits through comparison and measurement with predetermined standards. It is a process that evaluates and measures the behavior of individuals in a certain period of time. Under what conditions and performance is the performance standard? Solutions to achieve this standard, don’ts, lessons learned and mistakes not to be repeated … How to use the old one to evaluate a new perfornas * How to capture the standard persormasns? You will learn and explain these and more with these video lessons, understandable and practical information and examples in our business life.

Whether you are an employee or a boss at your workplace, there are some business efficiency rules. Although we ignore them, we actually lose at least half of our productivity materially and morally. Not to mention the concept of time.

This course teaches you exactly those items that are lost but that will at least double your productivity. With this course, you will learn a lot from your intimate teaching teacher, accompanied by visuals on the screen.

With the opportunity brought by technology, you can finish the course and get a certificate at any place and time you want.

This course will teach you in detail the productivity aspects of your workplace and work, and will remind you of the key points. This course, where you will learn what you do not know, will remind you of important points with catchy examples.

In this bird, you will watch with pleasure that you love your job more and get efficiency as soon as possible.




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