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Flowers in Watercolor. Pen Ink Watercolor

What you will learn

You will get how to paint Flowers in Watercolor

You will learn how to paint Peonies in the wet-on-wet watercolor technique

You will paint the outline in ink

You will make accents with a gel pen


In this tutorial, we’ll paint Peonies in Watercolor.

The course is ideal for both artists who are painting recently, and artists with experience in painting, you will receive many new tips, tricks, and a huge boost of positive energy from the process of creating a painting!

In this course you will get acquainted with some watercolor techniques, simple tricks that will let you make a finished picture step by step. Learn how to paint Irises. I will tell you about each step of making a picture very simply and in detail, and if you have any questions, I will answer each of them in a simple way, because I understand how many apparent difficulties arise for the beginners at the early stages when they start practicing watercolor painting.

What You’ll Learn:

• The basic materials, tools, and surfaces for painting with watercolor.

• How to apply watercolor using a variety of techniques and approaches.

• How to paint loosely with watercolor, how to make outlining in ink.

You will need

• Watercolor paper, A4 size.

• Watercolor paints for professionals.

• Watercolor brushes: get a medium and small size. They will be used to create different effects when painting.

• Pen ink (0.05mm, 02mm and 04 mm), white gel pen.

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• Great mood! I will accompany each stage of work with very detailed comments, revealing the secrets and features of watercolor painting.

And, of course, you can always get feedback if difficulties arise!

Let’s create something incredible!




Wet on wet technique. Initial wash

Wet on wet technique. Initial wash

Painting details

Painting petals and veining

Painting details

Painting details

Outlining ink

Outlining ink

Adding accents with a white gel pen

Adding accents with a white gel pen