Take your programming skills to the next level, learn to write reusable code with object oriented php

What you will learn

Reusable code & OOP in real world applications

Reusable Pagination class

Reusable Validation class

Reusable Crud class

Reusable session class

Database Design

Class Constructors

Uploading images to a server

Inserting, deleting, and updating data in mysql database

Write Clean Code

Methods and Class Properties

Write Scalable Code

Write Code that’s easy to maintain

Write Code that’s easy to understand

Server Side Validation

Database Normalization


Looking to improve your web development skills and your OOP skills ? struggling to find real world projects? This course is for you. In this course we’ll be building a movie management system  using

Object oriented php. You’ll learn to write neat code, code that’s easy to maintain and understand.  This course is for those that are hungry for knowledge and looking to become better programmers. In programming, every time you seat in front of computer and watch a tutorial, you’re growing. Every little thing you do improves your skills, It helps you become a better programmer.

This course will help you become a better programmer, and if you’re a programming newbie looking for a new job you’ll get a new job easily because you’ll stand out from the rest of the applicants because of the skills you’ll get from this course. Take this course and impress hiring managers with the skills you will learn in this course. I can guarantee you that this course will have a huge positive impact in your career. It is a combination of things I’ve learned over the years, things that I really struggled to learn and understand, I simplify all those things for you in this course.

Good in luck in your programming career 🙂






Project Demo

Database configuration

Connecting to the database

The Crud class

The constructor

The create method

Testing the create method

The read method

The Update method

The Delete method

Database Structure – Tables & entity relationships

Database structure

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Project Template

Dowload the project template

The Movie Controller class

The Constructor

The Admin dashboard

Adding a movie

The datepicker plugin

The chosen select Plugin

Movie genres part1

Movies genres part 2

Displaying Movies Part1

Displaying Movies Part2

Uploading movie cover image part 1

Uploading movie cover image part 2

Finalizing code for displaying movies

Editing a movie part1

Editing a movie part2

The Session Class

Session class

Fixing the last method

Redirect back and show a message after adding and editing a movie

Display a message after adding a movie (Powered by a jquery plugin)

Display a message after editing movie ( Powered by a jquery plugin )

The Pagination class

Introduction to pagination

Pagination class Properties

The Constructor

Generating Pagination links Part 1

Generating pagination links part 2

Generating pagination links part 3

Generating the next and the previous buttons

Getting the limit and the offset

Integrating the paginator with projects