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NodeJS - The Complete Guide For Beginners 2023
Master Node JS , build REST APIs, add Authentication, Caching and Loggers, use MongoDB, MySQL & much more!

What you will learn

Work with one of the most in-demand web development programming languages

Build modern, fast and scalable server-side web applications with NodeJS, databases like SQL or MongoDB and more

Understand the NodeJS ecosystem and build server-side rendered apps, REST APIs

CRUD operations with MongoDB and Mongoose

CRUD operations with SQL and MySQL

Deploy the final application to production (including a Git crash-course)

Build a complete, beautiful & real-world application from start to finish (API and server-side rendered website)

Advanced authentication and authorization


Do you want to build fast and powerful back-end applications with JavaScript? Would you like to become a more complete and in-demand developer?

Then Node.js is the hot technology for you to learn right now, and you came to the right place to do it!

Welcome to the Complete Node.js, Express, and MongoDB Bootcamp, your fast track to modern back-end development.

This course is the perfect all-in-one package that will take you from a complete beginner to an advanced, highly-skilled Node.js developer.

Like all my other courses, this one is completely project-based! And not just any project: it’s a complete, beautiful, and feature-rich application, containing both a RESTful API and a server-side rendered website. It’s the most fantastic and complete project that you will find in any Node.js course on the internet!

By building this huge project, you will learn all the skills that you need in order to plan, build, and deploy your own modern back-end applications with Node.js and related technologies.

After finishing this course, you will:

1) Be building you own fast, scalable, and powerful Node.js RESTful APIs or web applications;

2) Truly understand how Node.js works behind the scenes;

3) Be able to work with NoSQL  and SQL data and model data in real-world situations (a hugely important skill);

4) Know how modern back-end development works, and how all the different technologies fit together (hard to understand from scattered tutorials and videos);

5) Have experience in professionally-used tools and libraries like Express, Mongoose,  Atlas, Compass, Git, Docker and many more;

6) Have built a complete application, which is a perfect starting point for your own applications in the future.

Please note that this course is NOT for absolute web development beginners, so you should already be familiar with basic JavaScript. NO back-end experience required though!

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It’s an absolutely full-packed, deep-dive course !

Since this is the “Complete Node.js Guide”, the course is crammed with tons of different technologies, techniques, and tools, so that you walk away from the course as a complete Node.js developer.

Here is exactly what you’re gonna learn:

  • Fundamentals of Node.js, core modules, and NPM (Node Package Manager)
  • Fundamentals of Express (Node.js framework): routing, middleware, sending responses, etc.
  • CRUD operations with MongoDB database locally and on the Atlas platform (in the cloud)
  • How to work with data in NoSQL databases
  • Complete modern authentication with JWT: user sign up, log in, password reset, secure cookies, etc.
  • Authorization (user roles)
  • Security: best practices, encryption, sanitization, rate limiting, etc.
  • Advanced error handling workflows
  • Deploying Node.js application to production
  • Git and GitHub
  • And so much more!

Why should you learn Node.js and take this course?

If you want to learn Node.js and modern back-end development, then there is no doubt that this course is for you!

It’s the biggest Node.js course on the internet, it has by far the most complete course project, and offers the most in-depth explanations of all topics included.

And even if you already know some Node.js, you should still take this course, because it contains subjects that are not covered anywhere else, or not in the same depth!

But maybe you’re not yet convinced that Node.js really is the right technology for you to learn right now?

Well, first, Node.js will allow you to use your JavaScript skills to build applications on the back-end. That itself is a huge gain, which makes your full-stack development process so much easier and faster.

Plus, popularity and opportunities for Node.js are off the charts. It’s a modern, proven, and reliable technology, used by tech giants (and 6-figure-salary-paying-companies) like Netflix, PayPal, Uber, and many more.

Node.js really is what you should invest your time in, instead of outdated technology like PHP.

And now, I hope to welcome you as a new student in my course! So click that “Enroll” button right now, and join me in this adventure today!

But if you’re not 100% sure yet, just go ahead and watch the promo video to take a look at the course project. I promise you will be amazed 🙂

See you in the course!



Introduction & The basics of NodeJs

Create and Run a Node.js Script
Create a Node.js package.json (How to Create a Project)
Installing Dependencies with NPM (Node Package Manager)
How to work with Git and Github in Node
Installing Nodemon (NPM Package)

APIs, RestAPIs and POSTMAN using ExpressJs

Getting Started with Express

MongoDB, Mongoose, ATLAS & More

Installing MongoDB Compass & Connect to DB
Create Mongoose Schema
Insert & Find Data using Mongoose

JWT Authentification

Creating a Model of User
Creating Middleware
Creating Joi Validation
Creating Controllers
Creating Routes
Creating the APP and Testing it