learn to create a full stack web application from scratch using Angular 12, Node, Express JS and Mongo DB

What you will learn

Full Stack Web Development

Backend Development with Node, Express JS and Mongo DB

Front End Web Development with Angular 12

Build RESTful APIs


Hello Everyone, and welcome to this course on Angular 12, Node, Express JS and Mongo DB full-stack web development.

In this course, you will learn how to develop a web application from scratch using popular technologies such as

* Mongo DB for the database.

* Node, Express JS for the back end web development.

* And the latest Angular 12 for the front end web development.

-We will first start with installing and setting up the environment needed for our database, back end project and front end project.

-Then we will develop REST API end points using Node and Express JS.

-Finally we will be using Angular 12 to design the front end part of our App.

* You will learn how to create the navigation menu and tables using bootstrap, add routing and navigation to our Angular App, add modal pop up window with drop downs and date pickers, and also add upload profile picture functionality and store it in the backend server. We will also learn how to add custom filtering and sorting features without using any third party packages.

I am sure that this course will definitely help you in your journey as a full stack web developer.

Welcome to the course, and happy learning.






Setup Environment

Install Visual Studio Code

Install Postman

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Install Mongo DB Compass

Install Node JS

Backend : Node, Express and Mongo DB

Create DB Objects

Express JS Project

Connect Backend Project to Mongo DB

API Methods

Upload File API

Enable CORS

Message Parsing Issue

Frontend : Angular 12

Create Angular Project

Routing and Navigation

Bootstrap Table

Modal Popup Window

Employee Details Screen

Upload Image File

Sorting and Filtering


Project Files