Cook like Moroccan, get to know the traditional techinques to make a delicious Moroccan bread “Msemmen”.

What you will learn

Learn how to make traditional Moroccan bread called Msemmen.

Learn the traditional basic techniques of Kneading the dough.

Get an idea about Moroccan food.

Learn and discover Moroccan baking method.


Have you ever tried a Moroccan recipe?

Are you wondering how Moroccan food tastes like?

My course is dedicated to everybody around the world, who are willing to try new different amazing dishes to break the routine and to create a great family atmosphere, full of joy and happiness.

This course will help you to step by step learn how to make one of the most beloved traditional bread in Morocco without any previous experience. The course contains short sections provided with filmed lectures that simplify the recipe’s process.

This traditional bread is an everyday essential dish not only in Morocco but also in Algeria and Tunisia, I think it is your turn to be your everyday essential bread.

In the Moroccan culture, we have got a different kinds of bread, each one of them got a different name, baking strategies but mainly the same ingredients. why? simply because, I guess, Moroccans are number one bread consumers. We really got so many different Dishes that require bread.

Moroccan Mesemmen typically looks like the Indian bread that is called ” PARATHA”, they really look the same.

Msemmen is easily bought at bakeries, because it becomes a craft for so many jobless women; however, many Moroccans prefer to make it at home.

Don’t be worried about the quantity of butter and oil used in the process of shaping the Msemmen. All that oil won’ be absorbed into the dough.

Let’s do it!

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An Introduction To My Course.

Get to know the elements of the course and what to expect during it.

Bread dough ingredients and kneading method.

Making The Daugh.

This section would be rich and comlexe.

Shapping the Rounded Balls.

Squaring the Balls.

Traditional Baking Techniques.

Get to Know how Moroccans are presenting Msemmen and how Msemmen layers looks.

The Final Presentation

The Recipe.

The recipe