Mastering student loans will transform your life and give you freedom.

What you will learn

Make Student Loans Compliment Your Life Not dictate It.

How To Save Money In The Long-Run.

Make Student Loans Easy To Understand.

Choose The Student Loan Repayment Plan That Is Right For You.

Student Loan Forgiveness (IBR, IDR, REPAYE, PAYE, PSLF)

Student Loan Refinancing.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness


Student loans should compliment your life not dictate it. Easily learn which repayment plan is right for you and how to maximize your strategy.  The host of the course, Joseph Reinke, is the founder of FitBUX.  We’ve helped new grads manage over $900 million in student loans and have taught workshops at more than 120 universities throughout the country.





Introduction To Your Host

The Right Mindset

The First Step to Understanding Loans

The Pay Off Strategies

Intro To Pay Off Strategies (Required Payment vs. Prepayment)

Which Loan To Prepay (High Interest Rate vs Low Balance)

A Loophole (The Extend & Prepay Method)

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Student Loan Refinancing

Student Loan Consolidation

Pay Off Strategy Summary

Student Loan Forgiveness Strategies

Intro To Student Loan Forgiveness

Preparing For The Loan Forgiveness Tax Bomb

How Your Tax Liability Can Change

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Comparing Plans And Implementing Them

Comparing Pay Off vs Loan Forgiveness Strategies

How To Set Up Your Repayment Plan

Keys To Implementing A Pay Off Strategy Correctly

Keys To Implementing Student Loan Forgiveness

Thank You

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