Learn all Mathematic ( Arithmatic ) rules related to fractions. Free maths Course

What you will learn

What fraction is.

All rules that related to fraction.

Simplifying fraction


How to solve operations in fractions.




Master Maths : Fractions.

The course is a detailed course about  fractions (what fraction is, simplifying fractions, equivalent fractions, greatest common factor, lowest common multiple, comparing between fractions, addition , subtraction , multiplication and division ) .

I will repeat the idea many many times to be sure that every trick is clear.

After this course , the mathematics will be very easy and interesting .

This Mathematics course consists of,

-Many exercises with detailed descriptive answers to repeat explaining each specific rule in a new and different way.

After this course your opinion about maths will change and you will find that maths is very easy to understand and practise.

-The curriculum of this course consists of:

Fraction definition ( Introduction ).

Famous fractions.

Simplifying fraction.


The greatest common factor or highest common factor.

Every week a new lecture about; ( work in progress )

Equivalent fractions.

Comparing between fractions.

The lowest common multiple.

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Types of fraction:

Proper fraction.

Improper fraction.

Mixed fraction.

How to change improper fraction to mixed fraction and vica versa





This course addresses all learners , parents and teachers who have a potential desire to acquire easily and professionally all  basic mathematical rules starting from the beginning to the advanced level.

At first, you may think that math is not easy and that you can not do it , but together we will move every step till we reach the final one and then you can say

” I did it ” .

When you have self confidence that you are aware and can use the mathematics rules smoothly in your study you will deal with all mathematics fields as if it is a game .  





Definition of fraction

Some Famous Fractions

simplifying the fraction

simplifying the fraction

Exercises – Simplifying the Fraction

Finding the greatest common factor


Prime numbers